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Together WE can

Together WE can

Invest in equality - donate today.

WE don’t have much money.

So we’ve resorted to making our own, or rather acclaimed artists Jake and Dinos Chapman have.

They have created Women Hold up Half the Sky 2016 (featured in The Sunday Telegraph) to draw attention to the barriers that women face in their fight for equality.

These barriers are huge for a new political party, but especially one that represents the less powerful half of the population.

The established parties are pouring cash into a last minute push for success.

WE don’t have this financial backing. But WE have you.

Please donate today to give our activists the tools they need to reach voters and get our candidates elected in London, Scotland & Wales.

When we talk to people on the doorstep they like what we have to say, they’re persuaded by our policies and they want to give half their votes to equality on 5th May.

Our challenge is getting our message to as many people as possible during the last crucial days of the campaign.

Please help push equality to the top of the agenda by donating whatever you can afford.  

Together WE can do this.





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