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Transport for all

Transport for all

The new opportunities offered by the Northern Powerhouse are of little use without affordable and accessible transport. With our current transport system, it takes longer to travel from Liverpool to Hull than it does to make the journey from London to Paris.

Our city region public transport network is both costly and time-consuming, and planning has too often ignored the diverse needs of disabled people. Women are more likely than men to use public transport, less likely to travel long distances for work and more likely to cycle if the cycling infrastructure is safe. Transport investment needs to deliver access and greater opportunities for all of us.

WE will:

Develop an integrated transport plan, working with neighbouring councils, LEPs, businesses and the third sector. The plan will make transport work for everyone and consider the impact of local road congestion, road maintenance, local public transport, inter-regional and international rail and air connections.  

Ensure that all transport investments make our region more accessible, and look for ways to provide better transport for people with hidden disabilities.

Combat street harassment so that women can travel freely around the city region.

Invest in cycling infrastructure that works for women and families, including more segregated cycle lanes.

Encourage developers and construction companies to use only 'direct vision' lorries designed for better cyclist visibility.

Introduce a ‘Night Watch’ service on buses and trains to reduce harassment and tackle safety concerns.

Consult with the advertising industry, academia, think-tanks and NGOs on the best ways to reduce sexist advertisements in public spaces.

Involve women, including BAME women and disabled women, on all major decision-making bodies for the transport network.

Work with the government to establish local traffic and highway powers and explore ways in which the Mayor can implement Clean Air Zones in the CIty Region.



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