WE want equal pay NOW – time for a #TripleWhammy

WE want equal pay NOW

WE want equal pay NOW

Time for a #TripleWhammy

The UK’s pay gap is so entrenched because it’s matched by a productivity gap of 20 percent compared to other G7 countries, and the most expensive childcare in the Western world.

For women to have equal pay in Britain we need to widen the conversation. This isn’t just about discrimination via your sexist boss; this is about discrimination via an education system that still encourages boys into highly-paid STEM careers and girls into clerical or caring roles with lower economic output, and via a society that pushes women out of the workplace when they become carers.

That can’t be fixed by limited legislation on equal pay. What we need is a triple whammy: a new, three-part approach to tackle a three-part problem and knock inequality out of the park.

Our #TripleWhammy approach includes:

  1. Deal with workplace discrimination by insisting companies publish pay data that’s broken down by gender, ethnicity and disability as well as by pay, employment status and working hours and includes retention rates during and after parental leave.

  2. Remodel our education system so that girls get an equal education too. All schools conduct a gender audit of their curriculum to ensure they are promoting role models that challenge gender stereotypes and offering quality, independent careers guidance that encourages girls to do science and boys to think creatively.

  3. Invest in childcare. By moving to a single rate of pension tax relief at 25 percent WE can fund a £6.5 billion investment in childcare that would take average weekly costs down from £115 to £10. Also introducing shared parental leave that enables men to take time off work by breaking down cultural barriers and financial ones. So fathers get non-transferable 6 weeks of parental leave at 90 percent of pay.

Current projections state will take hundreds of years to close the gender pay gap. WE are fighting for action to achieve equal pay in this lifetime - not the next.

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