Tired and angry; Equailty has never mattered so much - Vinice cowell's suggestion

Tired and angry; Equailty has never mattered so much

Tired and angry; Equailty has never mattered so much

I am tired and angry. I am tired of having to explain that wanting equality, doesn't mean I am trying to take away men's rights. I am tired of having more qualifications and work experience than my male colleagues, however they are picked first for consultancy roles. I am angry that my wedding ring has more power to spurn unwanted advances than my actual voice. I am tired of men trying to "mansplain" things to me. I am angry that I am called, irrational, hysterical or even just "at that time of the month" when I speak passionately about something. And I am absolutely incredulous, at the fact that the above still occurs. It is 2015, and enough is enough. WE is desperately require, change is needed, more Equailty conversations at government level have to be listened to, along with sustained systematic change to address equaility issues must occur. WE can not sit back. WE must not let this continue. WE will bring change.

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