Where are the women?

Where are the women?

Where are the women?

The EU referendum vote is taking place this week

WE are campaigning to build and protect the rights of women, whether Britain leaves or stays in the EU, so that women and girls have equal opportunities, equal representation and are free from the threat of violence regardless of the outcome of the referendum.

We bring our non-partisan stance to this campaign as a challenge to all the other parties to take equality for women seriously, out of political point-scoring and into the field of essential human rights. Because we will only make progress when we break down the existing narrative that women's equality belongs only on a certain part of the political spectrum rather than a priority for all

In the media, the debate around Brexit has been dominated by male voices. 

But WE know women have a lot to say on EU membership.

Party leader Sophie Walker spelled this out in an article in the New Statesman and contributed to an article on women and the EU for iNews. Sophie also chaired the Women Who Build Britain event on the impact of Brexit on 9 June. 

Our co-founder Catherine Mayer spoke at a Fawcett Society debate in April.  

Our GLA candidate Harini Iyengar spoke at the Sadlers Wells referendum debate in May and will do so again at the Black Women's Voices on Brexit event on 20 June.

WE are leading the charge in making sure women's voices are heard in the build-up to this vital vote.

The Women’s Equality Party is not taking a party line on the EU referendum vote (click here for more). But WE do want women to vote. 

So WE have asked some amazing women to explain why it's so important, starting with Sophie Walker.

Click here to watch more vlogs - you can also add your voices to the discussion by sending in your videos (no more than 60 seconds) to [email protected]

It is 150 years since the first petition for female suffrage was presented to Parliament. It took 62 years for women to get equal voting rights.

The future of the UK is in your hands - make sure you exercise your right to vote.



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