WE call for a halt to Government plans to drop feminism from Politics A-level - Women's Equality

WE call for a halt to Government plans to drop feminism from Politics A-level

WE call for a halt to Government plans to drop feminism from Politics A-level

Today, the Women’s Equality Party calls for action to stop the government amending the Politics A-level syllabus so that it no longer references feminism.

“WE are appalled at plans to remove the current teaching on feminism on the Politics A-level syllabus, along with the topics of sex/gender, gender equality, and patriarchy,” says Sophie Walker, leader of the Women’s Equality Party.

She adds: “The proposed new syllabus features just one woman – Mary Wollstonecraft – categorised under the ‘liberalism’ section. It is a shocking example of the gender bias so prevalent in our education system.”

“The political history taught to our children is already hugely biased in favour of men’s achievements and institutions,” Ms Walker continues. “The plan to shoehorn feminism, one of the most important and ongoing political forces in modern history, under the banner of ‘pressure groups’ is both insulting and misguided.”

“This is why it is so important that WE are an electoral force,” she continues. “Today, WE – the UK’s only political force dedicated to women’s equality –announce the launch of our 31 Campaign. £31k is the price of just getting candidates on the ballot papers in the Scottish, Welsh and London elections next May.

“As we kick start our campaign we need support more than ever because the only way to create change is by becoming an electoral force. When WE succeed at the ballot box, we will be able to tackle this kind of sexist bias in education head-on”.

WE also strongly encourage their members, supporters and all those interested in equal education to add their voices to the e-consultation document here.

“We have until 15 December to remind this government, once again, that we will no longer stand for the silencing of women’s political voices,” says Ms Walker.


Notes to Editors:

The Women’s Equality Party is committed to equal education for girls and boys, and an understanding of why this matters. WE believe our children are fed gendered expectations about their future life from too young an age, and are committed to making our schools environments where all children can flourish:

  • WE will require gender equality to become a standalone criterion for OFsted inspections
  • WE will include gender equality in the guidelines for pre-school learning
  • WE will require all schools to conduct a gender audit to ensure their curricula promote role models that challenge gender stereotypes

The Women’s Equality Party was founded by Sandi Toksvig and Catherine Mayer in March 2015, and launched its policies on 20 October. Read the full policy document here.

Press enquiries to Catherine Riley, Communications and Partnerships Manager ([email protected]/+447764 752 731)

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