WE for HWB Newsletter Issue 11 - Women's Equality

WE for HWB Newsletter Issue 11

WE for HWB Newsletter Issue 11

Autumn Update - 18th September 2023

Dear HWB residents


I hope you had a fun and restful summer; ours has been lovely although still quite busy!


News in very brief

  • We held a second round of our hugely successful 2021 event: 'Why Equality Is Better For Men, Too!' at the Holly Blue pub and got a fab turnout of people who had some great discussions on issues around male physical and mental health, time with kids, the economic benefits of equality and more.
  • Planning has been rearing its head as ever, with the unnecessary and unwanted service new station proposal. We put in a representation against that; it would be ruinous to the local environment with no upside. We're keeping an eye on the 5G mast which also sounds like it'll crop up again and - as we have before - we plan to push for this important and necessary tech to be put somewhere more appropriate.
  • We've been reaching out to local communities as part of a project with CGHB surgeries to identify and overcome additional barriers to healthcare faced by women and minoritised communities.
  • We've delivered almost all of our big summer leaflets - I hope you enjoyed seeing all the info we included!

Upcoming stuff we're doing

  • As part of Green Week we wrote to our Basingstoke MP Dame Maria Miller urging her to back the Climate and Ecology Bill in Parliament on behalf of the people of Basingstoke. It's a vital piece of legislation that will help ensure our environmental future; I know from hundreds and hundreds of doorstep conversations how many of you are deeply concerned about green issues. In the coming weeks we'll be doing more campaigning on this and urging people to also write to Dame Miller about the CE Bill - keep an eye out for that!
  • I have written a motion to our WEP Conference in November regarding school sports equality. The Government laid out new standards for schools on this in March which WE Basingstoke were delighted to see following our big campaign on the subject, and I think we should be pushing for local education authorities to be helping schools where there are reasons they can't meet this new standard - as we know, schools are woefully underfunded and many schools have crumbling or out-of-date infrastructure. It's only right that we support them, especially if we're asking them to meet new standards. 
  • We're researching new campaigns and planning possible upcoming events... watch this space!
  • Plus of course the ever-ongoing canvassing!

If there are local issues you'd like to clue me in on, or issues you think we should look at, please do get in touch as ever. Best wishes to you and yours as we move into autumn!


Stacy Hart

WE Basingstoke Branch Leader

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