WE welcome members of all kinds (including golfers) - Women's Equality

WE welcome members of all kinds (including golfers)

WE welcome members of all kinds (including golfers)

WE restate our inclusive membership policy in light of the Muirfield controversy

WE announce today that marrying to gain membership is not a policy WE will be taking forward. Instead, WE welcome members of all ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, abilities, sexualities and genders – including men.

Responding to golf pundit Peter Alliss’s comments on the Muirfield controversy, Sophie Walker, party leader (who incidentally shares her name with a British professional golfer) said: “Peter Alliss has suggested that if women want to join Muirfield all they need do is marry an existing member. WE have a much better idea. The Women’s Equality Party welcomes members of all genders, regardless of their marital status. Like Muirfield, WE offer community, fun and networking opportunities. Unlike Muirfield, WE also stand for diversity and inclusion – and an end for outdated and ridiculous ideas such as those of Peter Allis.”

Walker was clear that the decision of Muirfield to continue to exclude women members showed the golf club to be out of touch and out of time.

“We should rename Muirfield Jurassic Park,” she said.

In an anonymous letter circulated at Muirfield prior to the club vote, a member suggested that women’s presence would ‘endanger foursomes and speedy play’, as well as imperil lunch arrangements that have been carefully calibrated to fit with men’s playing times.

Walker added: “While these bizarre attitudes are to be laughed at, they also underline a very serious power dynamic at the top of golf that seeks to exclude women. Shame on Muirfield for letting these infantile and regressive attitudes win out.”


Published May 20, 2016


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