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WE welcome More United

WE welcome More United

We welcome More United’s entry into the new politics, so long as they remember the women

More United could take its place within the new-style politics put centre stage by the Women’s Equality Party, WEP’s Leader said today. The cross-party progressive movement, championed by former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown, will support candidates from all parties, or none, in future elections as long as they represent progressive values.

“More United builds on the Women’s Equality Party’s model of collaborative politics. It shows that other parties are starting to understand that politics is changing,” said WEP Leader Sophie Walker.

“But just like the politics of the past, More United has overlooked the opportunity to change the glaring inequalities that leave the women and girls of this country behind. We hope that More United can correct the tremendous typo that seems to have left women’s equality off their list of progressive values,” said Walker.

The Women’s Equality Party burst onto the scene last year with a new model of politics. As the first non-partisan political party in the UK, WEP offers affiliate membership to people from all the other political parties and will field joint candidates with other parties so long as they subscribe to its six core goals.

“In this year’s elections WEP won more than 350,000 votes, less than a year after forming. We proved that when voters are given the choice, they choose to support a wider range of parties. The era of two-party politics is over,” she continued.

Research from the Electoral Reform Society in 2014, revealed that voters wanted political parties to be smaller and more diverse in size and number, so that they are incentivised to co-operate and collaborate with each other. Survey respondents expressed a desire to have parties that more closely fit their preferences than the large, catch-all parties of the past.

“It is fantastic to see that More United is following our example in shaking up the political system, and we look forward to seeing what opportunities might arise for us to work together,” added Walker.

More United intends to crowdfund the resources needed to support candidates in targeted seats where they have a chance of beating opponents from the mainstream parties. The movement is currently gathering supporters online and will make proposals for future action in the autumn. Its aim is to push forward candidates that support immigration, a green economy and a modern democracy.

“We wish More United the best of luck in their start-up phase. If they manage to put women’s equality at the centre of their politics, we are sure they will be met with the same enthusiasm and energy that greeted us,” said Walker. 


Published July 24, 2016


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