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The Women's Equality Party is a new collaborative force in British politics uniting people of all genders, diverse ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs and experiences in the shared determination to see women enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men so that all can flourish.

WE are here to give voice to all those who share our belief that equality is better for everyone.

Meet your fellow supporters and campaigners below and tell us why you are WE.

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We need to keep these issues on the agenda and at the forefront of any changes in our society

Women are not a minority group so let's stop being treated as such. Everyone, whatever their status, should be treated with respect as we all contribute to society. Unfortunately some voices are heard more than others so well done to WE for trying to address this.

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We've come a long way, Let's finish the job.

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When I look at my Granddaughter

I am troubled that the world hasn't moved any further towards equality than since I was a child. Until there is equal representation, girls will lack role models. Without role models; aspirations and ambition cannot grow. Without growth and education our world will stagnate in old ideas. This isn't good for women or men. That is why I am WE

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When I look back and then forward in time

I am 51 and do not want the younger generation to put up with the everyday inequality I grew up with, across my life and work, expectations and opportunities. It seems that its not possible to be a silver fox(y) - now I get both age and gender bias. This is not the future I want to leave for my fellow beings andI can no longer rage in silence.

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Who's afraid of equality? More to the point, why?

Men have held the reins for too long without major input from women, and paying us little moare than lip service at times. Look at the mess we're in worldwide! Equality pays, equality makes sense, equality scares the life out of bullies, equality is The ONLY way forward. As a woman in my 50's I have struggled as many have due to inequality at home, at work, in the health service, socially...the list can be endless. I feel it's my time to join WE and redress some of the wrongs committed here and in the wider world, against women and girls. To leave a lasting legacy for my three daughters and of course my son, who I am happy to say, treats his wife and daughter with respect. Let's do this......

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Why are care givers not seen as heroes ?

Many years ago I studied anthropology and learned that 'jobs' had status in most societies when they were predominantly done by men! Is this why there are few stories where the hero is a women providing care? I would like to see care giving obtain the same status as being a Judge or a member of the cabinet, only then would we have true equality.

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Why are we still having to fight for equality?

I've always believed I was equal to anyone, often in the teeth of others' disbelief. Women are a majority of the population, not a special interest group. Injustice and bigotry sicken me - until we achieve equality for all women in the UK (and then the world!) I won't be satisfied. #WE can do that, and I'm not waiting around for it to happen when I can help.

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Why should women in business behave like men?

Hi all. I have spent my career working in the Corporate world trying to work out how it is that men get on and women's skills and approach to solving problems are not valued. I've just come back from ten years in Australia where the problem was even more noticeable. I have attended countless 'Women in Business' events where we hear inspirational stories from those who have broken through the ceiling but always felt they were preaching to the converted - I want men to hear these stories! I am inspired by this party and look forward to getting involved

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Women always carry the burdens of an unsettled world and governments cuts.

Women take fewer risks which could badly affect them and their families. We are the world's carers whose voices are not heard. These are the voices of reason, of balance. We have been repressed for centuries and I condemn women who do not vote in elections - shame on you. Women need to work together but more importantly we have to be supportive of each other and deal with petty jealousies, bullying and spiteful gloating towards other women. Until we are on each other's' sides we will not succeed, don't forget the Tory party is built on the old boys network.

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Women are my heroes

At the age of 61 I feel that I'm almost a grown-up. I'm the mother of 4 children and grandmother to 8 (with another on the way). I was in an abusive marriage for 14 years before I plucked up the courage to leave. My saviour was Women's Aid who, when I asked them 'what am I doing wrong' told me 'nothing, this is his problem not yours'. They didn't tell me to leave him, they just said that they would be there if I needed them and they were. There are lots of women like me. Nobody teaches you how to deal with abuse and everyone's story is different. Now my children are all grown and I'm proud of them and how I raised them, almost single-handed. My saviours were my friends and family and a whole lot of women who helped me to look after, inspire, educate and care for my children. I have been discriminated against by banks, councils, politicians, and society in general. I think I deserve a medal for bringing my children up by myself. I want to get the message across that single parents don't choose that life and they need to be given choices to deal with the circumstances they find themselves in. Please lobby to fund Women's Aid and organisations like that and stop the politicians from messing with Child Benefit - without it there were weeks when we would have had nothing to live on.

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Women have been disadvantaged because men have been favoured throughout history....

As a Diversity Specialist I am continually disappointed by the lack of understanding of why women are disadvantaged at work and in society. The way work is set up favours men, the differential way men and women are discussed for recruitment and promotion favours men. The language used to describe how men and women operate favours men. Many men in positions of power come from families where their mothers were home makers, their wives love that role too - they genuinely don't understand why other women want to be their equal in work...... until their daughters start to educate them. There are so many other examples and unintended biases that impact women in all areas of life. What is needed is more information in the public arena about these issues - discussion, understanding, sponsorship (by senior men of women) will all help. We can all work on fixing this and I am proud to be a part of the solution.

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Women need to be seen as equally capable by everyone

I'm a business owner of 8 years, and mother of two. I'm a landlord and I started my letting agency from scratch and now employ 8 people, I also run a Mums in Business support group. I experience and hear about prejudice all the time from the women I speak to and realise that a lot of men still get to 'pull rank' when it comes to financial or household major decisions and when last minute child care is needed - and this just isn't right. There is a tendency for some men to view that a woman who runs a business, but is connected with their wife socially (even via business networking), somehow it isn't running an outfit as serious as other businesses. The elephant in the room is that it can't be a 'proper' business, as the perception is that women just start small cottage industry 'pin money' businesses and we are not thinking big - it just makes my blood boil! Sometimes they don't even bother to meet with me themselves, or they are in the house but don't talk to me - the judgement has already been made and they let their partner invite me along with his choice of agent as a token gesture. I spoke to someone this week who said all that was expected of her was to be a machinist in a local factory when she was growing up, she's now very successful in her own right and that girls still are not being educated to 'think big'. This is just two examples of the perception of women in society still - it needs to change - now!!

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Women's equality is hundreds of years overdue.

I'm 71 and I think I probably first identified myself as a feminist in my early teens, when I realised that all I was expected to do was to get married and have children. I've replaced men in several jobs, including farm work and banking, and been paid much less than the men who were sacked. I've been sexually assaulted - when I went to court the magistrates bound me over to keep the peace and fined my attacker less than a local poacher was fined for stealing a pheasant. When I had an interior decorating business, a male client ignored me and addressed all his questions to my male employee, who replied "You'll have to ask the boss." "Where is he then?" the client asked. "She's here," said my employee, pointing at me. As a supply teacher I was patronised by a 13-year-old boy in a woodwork class, who refused to accept what I told him, saying "Women can't do woodwork." And so on... Altogether, I've been pretty pissed off about inequality.

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Women's rights are fragile

The first thing to go when a society is in trouble are women's rights. Historically, hard won rights can be lost in moments, so it is vital that we are vigilant in guarding the rights we have gained so far, while we continue to press for genuine equality. As the grateful beneficiary of the rights that women before me have demanded and won, and as the mother of two young girls, it is imperative that I continue the campaign.

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Wouldn't it be great if the word Feminism didn't have to exist...

...if we were all just humans, in it together, with no subconcsious bias towards gender? Told a male friend of mine I'd joined WEP, his answer...."Are you vegan now?"..... #wordsfailme

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