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The Women's Equality Party is a new collaborative force in British politics uniting people of all genders, diverse ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs and experiences in the shared determination to see women enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men so that all can flourish.

WE are here to give voice to all those who share our belief that equality is better for everyone.

Meet your fellow supporters and campaigners below and tell us why you are WE.

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Equal rights and opportunities is not enough.

equal responsibilities go hand in hand with equal rights freedoms and opportunities, employers still see women as responsible for children and likely to need time off , both create the child - both should be responsible to share the care for example..

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Erika WE Swindon Branch Secretary

I'm a survivor of domestic abuse abuse and rape - two issues that affect so many women and yet most of us never get justice or support. Male violence is a huge problem that needs to be tackled before women can experience true equality and freedom. It's time to call politicians to account.

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Every deserves the opportunity to be what they want in society!

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Expanding the six objectives: some suggestions for things I like to see WE get behind

* Back #ICchange, to ratify the Istanbul Convention on ending violence against women and girls. * Complain to OFCOM / BBC Trust about political bias (pro-sexualization of the media & pro-gender stereotyping), rather than offensiveness. I pursued Britain's Got Talent for showing pole dancing in 2013. I lost on the basis, "political controversy can be formed on, or refer to, any conceivable subject... the subject matter of Britain's Got Talent, as a talent competition consisting of variety acts, [is] not a matter relating to public policy or political controversy." - What if there is a party campaigning against it in the run up to an election? * Back #EndDemand #nordicmodel, to end demand for sexual exploitation, decriminalise the sale of sex, criminalise the buying of sex, & provide support & exiting services for sex workers by passing the Sex Buyer Law. (I think WE ought follow EVAW's approach, rather than Amnesty International's backing of safe zones). * Recognize the economic implications of the sexualization of young women (e.g. Amartya Sen's cooperative conflict model, self-perception, internalizing etc.).

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All my life I have believed in fairness and clearly this country is not fair though significant progress has been made

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I have always believed in fairness in all aspects of life and if society isn't fair action must be taken to change it

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Fairness for All a goal worth standing up for

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Far Too Little, for Far Too Long

Fifty years a Feminist. Hundreds of years of change coming too little and too slow. Time for a Political party of Action for Equality, not the token bleatings of careerist politicians.

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Feeling engaged in politics

None of the mainstream parties address the issues of gender equality that are so important to me. I want all girls to have the same confidence and determination to succeed that I was brought up with - let's start effecting real change in this country.

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Feminism has achieved much but we're still not there yet.

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For all genders, ages and abilities.

A more equitable society will be a more contented and productive one.

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For all our futures

My mum was a primary school head who brought 3 of us up single handedly after the death of my father. She is an inspiration, so smart, talented, dedicated and kind. Women are amazing. They bring so much to society yet they are overlooked , under represented and then derided for questioning why. For a better future, it time to celebrate and include women.

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For equality and fairness.

Finally a party that stands up for women's rights and I want to be part of this for far too long we have sat in the shadows now it's our turn to shine

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For fairness...

I joined because I hope for a better future, equality and fairness for all women.

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For L, B and T women

I've been fighting for LGBT equality for years and feel that L, B and T women are often just hanging on the coat-tails of gay men. I joined WE, not only to try and give L, B and T women a voice in this party, but also becase I feel L, B and T women will never achieve equality unless women in general do. I'm also fed up of women being treating as a minority group when we are the majority! WE can do this!

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For my daughter, and for me

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For my daughter and granddaughter

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For my daughter and my sons

I am WE so they get the chance to live in a better, equal world and so they never have to explain sexual discrimination to their children.

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to show them I fought for change for a better and fair world for women, iam WE

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