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The Women's Equality Party is a new collaborative force in British politics uniting people of all genders, diverse ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs and experiences in the shared determination to see women enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men so that all can flourish.

WE are here to give voice to all those who share our belief that equality is better for everyone.

Meet your fellow supporters and campaigners below and tell us why you are WE.

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For so many reasons

For the Women that are still asked if they plan to have children in interviews, for all the Women on the website pregnant and screwed. For all the managers paid so much less and all those that would have liked to be managers but discrimination prevented it. For the fact that being born with sexual organs comes with an expectation to fulfil a lifetime of unpaid under-appreciated work. For the Women’s ideas that must be repeated in Men’s voices to be heard. For all the girls and boys pushed into boxes that don’t fit and turned from vast horizons to small ones. For the Father's who are thought to be babysitting not parenting. Partners that share equal household work so are 'under the thumb'. For the Women killed each week by their partners and Men hurt in the street by thugs. Because consent is a ‘grey area’. Because if we can’t get true equality here how can we expect it of others. For me as a teenager earnestly discussing whether we would have been better off being born a boy, for the little girl that was called bossy, for the adult woman that struggles with the effect of her menstrual cycle on her life. For everything I’ve missed here. For everyone.

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For the good women and men who give a damn about each other and our society.

Lift her to her pedestal

She hops and steps with grace

Lift her to her pedestal

My hands set her in place

I know they’re rough, and I’m no lord

I’ve got no handsome face

But God built me to help her, see

In that there’s no disgrace

If I don’t lift her, then I’m stuck

With no-one to adore

You’ll think me silly, saying that,

That’s what good men are for

I set her on her pedestal

Just like They said to do

“She’s made for that”, the Goddess said

“Where she can gaze


At you”

...For my son who who wanted to play with Lego no matter what I offered. For my daughter who didn't like dolls but loved pink. Wishing the Party the tenacity to achieve the success it deserves, and hoping it will always take individual diversity into account alongside equality for the sexes. Cheers to you all, Love Geeger

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For the many women world wide who don't have a voice.

Educate the woman and you educate the family. Investment in people is the only way to deal with poverty and this begins within the family. In any society inequality is fundamentally unfair and truly damaging and should not be condoned or ignored. Men should be protectors of life not persecutors of the weak. Frankly, about time!

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Gender blind to . . .on a mission

I have felt like the lone voice crying in the wilderness at times. I worked with women in the 80s and 90s to build their confidence and careers but as my career in leadership grew I was always dealing with the most senior people - always men! Worse still- I didn't notice for a while. So I have researched, written books, worked on developing women and changing organisations, achieving change one woman at a time. But It just is not fast enough. Despite the work of the suffragettes 100 years ago and the feminists of the 70s, in many instances things are getting worse. We have been a bit too accepting and scared of causing a fuss. Women still only make up 29% of parliament so how can our concerns be adequately represented? Men too have so much to gain through widespread equality as the old macho ways do not suit many modern men either.

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Giving voice

It is so important that we all have a voice and women's equality is a vital stepping stone to providing a platform and opportunity for our perspectives to be voiced, discussed and integrated into every aspect of life. It has been a phallocentric world for centuries. By which I mean that so many basic rules and functions of society, social, cultural, political, religious are created in the image of a men's perspective. Now women earn their own place in society and the world we need to actively participate in the way the world works. This is our opportunity and to be grasped with every enthusiams and grain of energy we can give to it. I joined to honour my mother, grandmother and the great aunts I never met.

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Hard Won Success & Freedoms - long way to go

I am a educated professional who has worked for decades to have a varied and successful career. It has been hard won often working in male dominated sectors. I have seen many changes; first day at work women were not allowed to wear trousers! Yes really. That's the least of it, however, those of us who have the experience and the 'voice' can help to move equality forward because sadly we still have a way to go - lets do it!

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Helen. An engineer and a Scientist.

I'm 33. I have a husband and own a house. I have a BSc and a MSc and 10 years experience in the Water Industry. I've worked as an Engineer and as a Scientist. I've always been the bread winner but now I am disabled. It feels like I'm clinging to my job by my fingertips. Why? Because even though its 2015 I'm the only woman amongst 14 men. I took a roundabout route to get here as I was always told well done, you are good at Singing, Dancing and English Lit. No one ever said well done your are good at Maths and Science. I didn't see the constant double standards as I do now. I would like to campaign and do more to encourage young women in Engineering but I work, eat and sleep because that is all my energy allows for. I'm up now finishing a presentation for tomorrow because, when you get down to it I need to out perform the men. To make a point and I shouldn't feel like that. Its from years of hitting attitudes head on. My current team are wonderful but the attitudes are still out there. Feminism is about equality for everyone. We all deserve it. We as a society can do better.

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I think this TED talk says it all, and should be watched by all members and supporters!

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I am a feminist

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I am a life long advocate of equality for women in all areas of life.

I am a 50+ Lesbian woman with a partner Ellen and 4 children ranging from their 30's to 6 years old. I have a degree in Politics and Sociology from Manchester, and have studied Gender Inequality in everything from Linguistics to Politics and all things in between. I am for my sins an ex member of the local executive of the Liberal Democrats, and was instrumental in getting the first ever LibDem Councillor elected to Doncaster council, producing all election literature. Oh my this is coming over awfully like a CV, I do apologise. I am very passionate about gender equality (as indeed I am about equality for all), I have dedicated much of my life to it, with little success often, though I have managed some firsts at university in particular. My most recent success at uni was in my final year (2006) when I became the chair of student council. In a university of over 30,000 students I was shockingly the first. I look forward to watching our fledgling party grow and develop, though when I say watch I hope to become much more proactive than that.

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I am a mother of a 3 year old boy...

and I want him to grow up in a society that values everyone equally regardless of gender. I have found becoming a parent has not mellowed me - it has made me more aware of inequalities in our society, more aware these inequalities should not exist and ever more aware if we want the next generation to live in a fairer society, we are the ones to do something about it! So I am all for a party that looks to address some of these inequalities, whether that be gay rights, equal opportunities for BAME members of society or (in this case) equal opportunities for women. Fantastic idea that I can't wait to hear more about!

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I am a mother to a son and daughter and diversity and inclusion leader

I have been standing up to achieve fairer organisational change on equality for more than 10 years. I've learnt that to make any change we need to shift societal views, by challenging gender stereotypes and this can only be achieved by greater representation of women in leadership roles in politics, business, media, supporting women with caring responsibilities, campaigning for equality in parenting, shaping a fairer education system to truly address the imbalances that exist across society today. I want to achieve this today for the five generations in the workplace and for tomorrow for our children and the generations to come. I feel in tune with the objectives of WE and was compelled to sign up. The time is now. Join the party!

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I am an impatiant femenist and excited and overjoyed to see the formation of a party that will

not accept mere lip service from the other parties to the issues long overdue for attention and to be dealt with. I hope to set up a local branch before christmas. in East Lothian. Please get in touch to help. Enough is enough. lets turn our anger and past dissapointment atthe lack of improvement in so many areas of women's lives into creative and effective action and lets have fun too!

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I am a radical feminist

& I always have been. I was in despair as my gender disassociated themselves from feminism and failed to acknowledge my heroines who had fought for us. WEP is the way to complete there work - EQUALITY FOR ALL

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I am a Vice Principal in a South London Academy.

I am passionate about challenging the inequity in representation and diversity in senior leadership in education. The statistics are uninspiring that despite the educational workforce being 73% female heavy, that only 28% of Headteachers are female. In the spring I connected with 6 other women in educational leadership via social media and we founded #WomenEd. We are a grassroots campaign to challenge and inform educational reform. We have 2500 followers, 150 blogs and an event next weekend exploring the barriers females face in the educational world. We have sparked interest globally from our campaign and will be launching regional networks in the coming months. The #WomenEd Unconference will connect 225 existing and aspiring leaders. Check out our website here: www.womened.org Follow us on twitter @womened #WomenEd

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I am committed to women's liberation and socialism in the interests of all men and women.

The women's liberation movement of the 1960s and 70s, now called second wave feminism is where my commitment was initially sparked. I am also committed to ensuring real equality between men and women, not neoliberal individualistic or the 'selfie generation' style equality.

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