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The Women's Equality Party is a new collaborative force in British politics uniting people of all genders, diverse ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs and experiences in the shared determination to see women enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men so that all can flourish.

WE are here to give voice to all those who share our belief that equality is better for everyone.

Meet your fellow supporters and campaigners below and tell us why you are WE.

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If you're not part of the solution...

I have come to believe that gender bias is the one form of discrimination that has fully permeated our culture. What makes it so pervasive is that many people, men and women alike, don't recognise that there even is a problem. Any action, no matter how small or seemingly innocuous, that can perpetuate this inequality is contributing to a culture that places men above women. So any comment unchallenged or inequity unrecognised is tacit acceptance of a status quo that is anything but. For too long, I have been part of this problem, but hopefully, now I can be a small part of the solution.

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I had a supportive environment throughout my career, now I want to ensure everyone else does too

I've been lucky having friends, families, teachers and employers who supported me in my dream to become a mechanical engineer and then a consultant. I was always encouraged to believe that my gender was irrelevant to my career ambitions and personal life choices. Sadly, I see that not everyone has this supportive environment and I want to create a world where opportunity is equally accessible for everyone.

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I have 3 daughters and I wants the glass ceiling smashed to smithereens

I am a qualified lawyer who had a "temporary" career break to have children 17 years ago. It was my personal experience that I couldn't combine a career in the law and be the kind of mother I wanted to be. I have 3 daughters and the oldest now wants to be a lawyer. It is incredible that 20 years after I was told by a crusty old QC that it would be difficult for me to have a career at the Bar with my 2 handicaps (being black and a woman) that my daughter still faces the same issues. Lord Sumption recently predicted that it will be 50 years before there is equality at the Bar - that isn't good enough.

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I have always been a feminist

I am pleased to see the birth of a political party determined to fight for equality for women. It gives me hope for the future and that my grand daughters will have a better chance of enjoying rewarding lives.

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I have a vision for those who settle in this country, those who fled terror & violence

I believe WE can fill the gap in UK politics toward hundreds of thousands of women and girls who had taken refuge in this country and became British citizens with the hope of have a better future for themselves and their children. I believe WE can attract a large portion of women from non-white section of the society, take them under its wing and use their talents, creativity and knwoledge to make Britain a better place for all. WE can take the message of equality and fairness to those communities who are new to the concept and believe still in women as second class citizens even in this country. WE can deal with problems women face in communities which are plagued by religous fundamentalism and where Sharia laws are imposed to sugjugate women. Such notions should have a place in the modern British society and I believe WE should have a section to focus and deal with them. I joined We to help address this marginalised and yet important snd sizable section of the British society.

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I have one year to go until I am 70.

I feel there is not much time for me to help contribute to a fairer society.coming from a matriarchal community i was surprised to find out that many women suffer inequality. We need a completely equal society that will enable all genders to flourish.

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I have supported women's equality since the 1980's .

And am excited it has re-emerged centre stage for this launch .

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I hope the new party is successful!

I have always been interested in politics - my mother was a local councillor and was successful! I like Sandy Toksvig - I hope she is a success - along with the rest of the party!

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I hope there will be a day that there is no more "something for the 1st time for women".

Congratulations for starting a WE party. This is the first time I have become a member of a party. My background is working for 10 years in the private sector and financial institutions and over 22 years in the public sector, mainly housing and homelessness. I would like to see that WE have a clear policy on educating our girls and boys to have respect for each other and be kind and compassionate human beings; children who have respect for the environment and are against any form of violence at home, outside home and internationally. I hope there will be policies on fairer distribution of income and reduction in the gap between the poorest and the richest in our communities.. Best of luck

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I jumped at the opportunity

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Imagine a UK where sexual assault is not part of growing up & sexual inequality is not part of life

Drinking, partying, going to university, walking home, going to work, renting a house, going to hospital, should not be simple actions which result in sexual assault. I want the next generation to live in a country where a woman being raped is taken as seriously as a man being murdered - by the police, by the courts, by government, by society, by the friends and family of the victim, by the friends and family of the perpetrator. I am luck enough to be treated equally in my job - but everyone should get this. I want my daughters to not feel lucky to have equality at work because it is so normal they don't even realise it is something they should be thankful for.

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Imagine you are an alien watching from outer space

What do you see? War, mostly men World leaders. Mostly men, Financial leaders, mostly men, Bankers, mostly men, As an alien what would you make of women?

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I'm a sixties veteran of activism of all kinds and a life long rebel.

As a teenager in the sixties, with two younger brothers, profoundly deaf making my way in a world that seemed geared to people nothing like myself, I became politically aware before I knew what that meant. My passion for fairness, equality, diversity and justice for all began in those years when I railed against the way in which I was expected to behave and live my life. I have to be WE because that should be the way to equality for all - though I worry about women who are not white, not middle class, not disabled, not hetero - you can fill in the gaps here - and want to see them as well represented as the party grows.

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Imbalance of power between genders results in Hell on Earth

e.g ISIS/ISAL and all the other jolly places run entirely by men without the equal and proper input of women. Practically everything in nature requires the balance of the two but it may interest those to know that ALL herd mammals refer to a main female to lead them - making all the major decisions - and it works! It hasn't benefited any humans to have the male solely in charge in whatever social capacity so women need to get up there, stop being brainwashed (like my Mother and her generation) and bring their great attributes and different mind set to the table. My Mother used to say, to my intense irritation, that women were the power behind the throne and that should be enough for them. At 13 surrounded by the inadequate men of my dysfunctional family and a Stepfather with a violent personality disorder I asked ' What throne would that be? Why does there have to be one anyway and if he's (my Stepfather) parked his arse in it then wouldn't you say we are all bound to Hell in a handcart?" .

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I'm bored of pretending that we already have societal fairness

Too many women are scared, embarrassed, ashamed to talk about the problems or injustice that they feel about being a women in this society. It is seen as dramatic, ungrateful or even worse due to our menstruation. I think we need politicians that will stand up as women for women's issues; as opposed to the women that, yes, whilst physically are women, only focus on and promote a male agenda. Yet equality is not necessarily fair. We need to reassess the characteristics that we as a society value- emotion is not weaker than rationality, being a caregiver is not lesser than being a CEO. Everyone has something to offer and we need a party that realises this.

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I'm tired.

I'm tired. I'm tired of being written off as a shrill harpy for wanting equal rights and standing in society. I'm tired of listening to women tearing other women down because of entrenched sexism in society, that catcalling is harmless, that our worth is based primarily on our looks, that I should have children because that's what women do. I've joined WE because we're stronger together, because I cannot continue feeling like a lone voice shouting into the abyss. I'm tired, but excited for change.

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In 25 years of teaching arts at university, I can report that the glass ceiling has been fortified!

30 years ago, during my educational process at university/higher ed, I witnessed how the best of my own female tutors/lecturers were little acknowledged for their contribution within the power structures of their institutions. I saw them being unjustly pensioned off with a pittance (compared to their male colleagues) after a life time of incredible commitment to education; I watched how they struggled to survive, with such limited means, whilst others with so much less commitment were able to enjoy retirement. It is astonishing that the very same has repeated in my own working life so that I am in the position they were in 30 years ago. The sad part of this is that 3 decades later, some fellow women colleagues who are nowadays promoted to key positions have been party to such oppressive and discriminatory conduct. Little has changed in the ideology of the educational institution, even if a lot more women are employed. Worse still, despite the glut of self-publicity about equal opportunities in its institutions, the higher education work place is as sexist and racist as it ever was, in the UK. It is the cultural politics at national level that needs to be changed.

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Individuals to be given merit on an individual basis irrespective of gender

A proud woman, 24 years old, journalist and presenter. I believe society is structured in such a way that women cannot fully prosper, because it's foundations are built by the patriarchy. We need to address the grassroots and re-root the foundations if we want to break glass ceilings; or rather create better ones!

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