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The Women's Equality Party is a new collaborative force in British politics uniting people of all genders, diverse ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs and experiences in the shared determination to see women enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men so that all can flourish.

WE are here to give voice to all those who share our belief that equality is better for everyone.

Meet your fellow supporters and campaigners below and tell us why you are WE.

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I was asked to dumb my CV down as I have too many qualifications to be employed.

I am a well qualified (I have four degrees), articulate and self confident woman who is unemployable. I also have three children and apparently you can't have both a family life and a career. I have applied for lots of part time jobs in my local area but even if I get an interview they tend to say that - this is not the job for me, and that I will get bored. Even an adviser at the job centre suggested that I lie on my CV and lose some of my qualifications as they made me unemployable. Why do I have to dumb myself down to get work???

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It's time to reset the balance

The glass ceiling makes my blood boil. I've lost jobs due to my sexuality and my gender in the Armed Forces and the Private Sector. Boys will be Boys? Not in my world. No girl or woman should have to deal with what I have seen and been subjected too. The culture of our society needs to change, and I hope that the WEP is a vehicle for that to happen.

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Still fighting and not giving up!!

I am a professional who has worked in the public sector since 1988 and before that private sector. I have suffered from gender discrimination from School and throughout my early career in industry. I joined the fight in the eighties and have been involved with the fight for equal pay since 1985, at a national level via trade union input and as a management professional, since working in higher education. In the 80's I believed we got closer to closing the gap and since then it has widened and in a far more pernicious way. I work with advising organisations on pay and grading and reward and never cease to be horrified by the way in which the cards are stacked against women (let alone black and ethnic minority women) by the way work is perceived and valued. I dream of a world where men want to stand alongside women and help us achieve equality to make choices, the equality we have been denied for so very long.

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For L, B and T women

I've been fighting for LGBT equality for years and feel that L, B and T women are often just hanging on the coat-tails of gay men. I joined WE, not only to try and give L, B and T women a voice in this party, but also becase I feel L, B and T women will never achieve equality unless women in general do. I'm also fed up of women being treating as a minority group when we are the majority! WE can do this!

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I am WE because I don't want anyone to face discrimination because of who they are.

I believe that Women have experience that gives them insights that will help everyone achieve equality. I have never joined a political party before because there has never been a party that spoke of the need to develop equal opportunity so that we can all move forward together. My experiences of how inequality damages individuals, damages communities, damages our country made me want to be part of a movement for change and equality for everyone. When I was 16 (after failing throughout my school life culminating in failing all 7 of my O-Levels) I pushed my Mum to help me find out what was wrong with me. Eventually we got an appointment with an Educational Psychologist. He seemed to listen as I explained how hard it was to write so that people could read my words and how I wanted to write and to study. I then sat next to my mother and listened as an Educational Psychologist ignored me, looked at, and spoke directly to, my mum asking 'can she write enough to fill out a cheque?' 'Oh... yes' replied my mother 'Well then, she won't need to worry about anything; she'll be married soon and her husband will look after her' concluded the man. My desire to answer my mother's worries, to find out what was wrong with me and to have a future was written off. One failed marriage and 18 years later I started to study again, to take my GCSEs, to complete an access course, to complete my Maths and Education Degree; I could have done all of these things through my teenage years and into my early 20s if I had help, if my potential to contribute to anything had been recognised, if I had been valued. I have been teaching for 17 years and I love being part of a profession that contributes to the life of this country, a profession that at its best changes lives and empowers people to fulfil their dreams. I am excited to be part of the Women's Equality Party because at its best it promises to change lives and empower people to fulfil their dreams.

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Be the change you want to see in the world.

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Equality for all is the only way to go Iris Fudge

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I'm a sixties veteran of activism of all kinds and a life long rebel.

As a teenager in the sixties, with two younger brothers, profoundly deaf making my way in a world that seemed geared to people nothing like myself, I became politically aware before I knew what that meant. My passion for fairness, equality, diversity and justice for all began in those years when I railed against the way in which I was expected to behave and live my life. I have to be WE because that should be the way to equality for all - though I worry about women who are not white, not middle class, not disabled, not hetero - you can fill in the gaps here - and want to see them as well represented as the party grows.

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Change through positivity

I want to be out in the world changing it for the better through positivity. I am WE because equality is a no brainer, it benefits everyone. Girl power is a force for good and a move to the future. I joined this party for every woman who came before me who paved the way to the freedoms I have today and for every person in the future to make sure they have it even better, no matter what religion, what race, what sexual orinentaion or even what gender.

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Because inequality is scandalous and self-defeating

At work, at home, out socialising, all the time, I see women doing brilliant things, offering incredible opinions, starting and then tending wonderfully constructive relationships, creating organisations and slowly but surely changing the world for the better. Yet everyday I feel incredible frustration when I see my female friends and colleagues being patronised, ignored and overridden. For a forward-thinking, peaceful, prosperous and progressive world, I believe we need women involved, speaking and leading. For some reason that hasn't happened yet but by joining WE, I want to play a part in changing it.

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I had a supportive environment throughout my career, now I want to ensure everyone else does too

I've been lucky having friends, families, teachers and employers who supported me in my dream to become a mechanical engineer and then a consultant. I was always encouraged to believe that my gender was irrelevant to my career ambitions and personal life choices. Sadly, I see that not everyone has this supportive environment and I want to create a world where opportunity is equally accessible for everyone.

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I want equal chances and equal respect

Don't see it in society. The few female lecturers at my university aren't considered as good academics as their male colleagues; sexual violence and rape is a problem that disproportionately affects women not only in my context but across the globe; there's huge pressure on women in today's society to look a certain way and wear the right things; if you don't have a career you're a scrounger, but if you don't have kids you're selfish. It's all too much.

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Universal equality is a fundamental step to human development

Universal equality and compassion allows for the possibility of awareness, empathy and peace to develop, for the benefit of all human beings.

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It's time to do things differently.....

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For the good women and men who give a damn about each other and our society.

Lift her to her pedestal

She hops and steps with grace

Lift her to her pedestal

My hands set her in place

I know they’re rough, and I’m no lord

I’ve got no handsome face

But God built me to help her, see

In that there’s no disgrace

If I don’t lift her, then I’m stuck

With no-one to adore

You’ll think me silly, saying that,

That’s what good men are for

I set her on her pedestal

Just like They said to do

“She’s made for that”, the Goddess said

“Where she can gaze


At you”

...For my son who who wanted to play with Lego no matter what I offered. For my daughter who didn't like dolls but loved pink. Wishing the Party the tenacity to achieve the success it deserves, and hoping it will always take individual diversity into account alongside equality for the sexes. Cheers to you all, Love Geeger

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What are the main focuses of INTROSERV's services?

What are the main focuses of INTROSERV's services?

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it's time to give a platform to diverse voices

we need to listen to experiences from across our society, and make sure women aren't cut out of decision making

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So I have more power and knowledge!

and so that my future sons and daughters will be shocked and staggered at the inequality that exists in our time.

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