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The Women's Equality Party is a new collaborative force in British politics uniting people of all genders, diverse ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs and experiences in the shared determination to see women enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men so that all can flourish.

WE are here to give voice to all those who share our belief that equality is better for everyone.

Meet your fellow supporters and campaigners below and tell us why you are WE.

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I was actively involved in the women's movement of the '70's. Time to move forward again.

I feel society has been taking backward steps in the past decades. I was involved in setting up a women's refuge previously.

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Why are care givers not seen as heroes ?

Many years ago I studied anthropology and learned that 'jobs' had status in most societies when they were predominantly done by men! Is this why there are few stories where the hero is a women providing care? I would like to see care giving obtain the same status as being a Judge or a member of the cabinet, only then would we have true equality.

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Better society for everyone

It is all good on paper, the policies are improving in addressing the gender equality. However, the real environment is not encouraging at all. We are living in a society where it is acceptable for women to be paid less, our voices to be void and our abilities to be underestimated. I am expecting my first child. I want my child to be raised in a society where her/his chances for a better life will not depend on the gender. I am pleased to see the establishment of a political party that understands our needs and will truly stand for our rights.

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A report was written about me when I was six. It described me as a feminist.

When I was 6 I insisted on being called George and being seen to be a boy. I was a misogynist. I hated that in all the stories - books, films and TV programmes, women and girls were the sickly, the carers, the cooks and ALWAYS (even the wonderful Cally in Blake 7) being rescued by men and boys. I wanted to be the rescuer, the hero of my story, and how on earth could I do that as a girl? Now of course I am proud of my gender and of all the women who have fought, often literally, for my right to vote, work, be respected and live safely. But WE have so much more to do. I am so excited that WE are a political party striving to release everyone from the confines of gender stereotypes, and allow all people to realise their full potential without being shackled to outmoded and repressive notions of gender.

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Seize power, and we can succeed!

How long have women been seeking equal treatment? It is high time we reinvigorated the fight that led to the Suffragette movement and the feminism of the 60s. STILL women have not achieved equality, even though much legislation has changed. It is high time for our own political party.

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BFPO daughter & ex Army wife

Having travelled during childhood and marriage with the forces I have experienced many cultures of inequality in so many places. I have (since the age of 7) been a feminist, as my father and former husband used to remind me often, but in such a negative way. It's time to re brand the word feminist to be seen as naturally positive, to be shared widely with men as well as women, and to affect the world in a forward thinking, collaborative, and exciting way. I truly believe that a party focussing on the feminist issues can force change. Its time to hold hands.

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I have always been a feminist

I am pleased to see the birth of a political party determined to fight for equality for women. It gives me hope for the future and that my grand daughters will have a better chance of enjoying rewarding lives.

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I am an impatiant femenist and excited and overjoyed to see the formation of a party that will

not accept mere lip service from the other parties to the issues long overdue for attention and to be dealt with. I hope to set up a local branch before christmas. in East Lothian. Please get in touch to help. Enough is enough. lets turn our anger and past dissapointment atthe lack of improvement in so many areas of women's lives into creative and effective action and lets have fun too!

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I was born a Feminist or rather aware of my Human Rights.

I think it's brilliant to form a party to cater for our own needs, since all the other parties are not. I want... or rather demand a world where young women and all are encouraged and supported to achieve economic independence and be the best they can be in whatever profession they choose without gender or other bias.

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I have one year to go until I am 70.

I feel there is not much time for me to help contribute to a fairer society.coming from a matriarchal community i was surprised to find out that many women suffer inequality. We need a completely equal society that will enable all genders to flourish.

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I am a radical feminist

& I always have been. I was in despair as my gender disassociated themselves from feminism and failed to acknowledge my heroines who had fought for us. WEP is the way to complete there work - EQUALITY FOR ALL

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I suppose I was a latent feminist....

... until I found Twitter, discovered feminist writers and was caught up in NoMorePage3, appalled by EverydaySexism and then swept up in the enthusiasm around the beginning of WE. I've worked in a predominantly male environment for 40 years and in that time we've only had two women on the Board, and none in recent years, so I think it's crucial to tackle the educational and cultural bias that stops girls taking up STEM subjects, but also to challenge the perception that only those with technical training can manage technical organisations.... and that only women are capable of taking minutes and arranging meetings. I really hope WE can do this.

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Disappointing reflections

Life for me has been disappointing when I look at how women have been, and continue to be, undermined in society. When I heard an interview on R4 and Sandie discussed the creation of this party it was uplifting. WE can go forward and address the wrongs against women which have prevented equality.

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I thought I was alone....

... but here you all are! Each comment I have read here rings true. WE are united by common experiences that cut through the bullsh*t we have all been fed; delivered by a system that is innately biased against us. Enough already! Alone, we are attacked, maligned and discriminated against for our simple request for equality. Together we are a force that no-one can ignore....

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I'm tired.

I'm tired. I'm tired of being written off as a shrill harpy for wanting equal rights and standing in society. I'm tired of listening to women tearing other women down because of entrenched sexism in society, that catcalling is harmless, that our worth is based primarily on our looks, that I should have children because that's what women do. I've joined WE because we're stronger together, because I cannot continue feeling like a lone voice shouting into the abyss. I'm tired, but excited for change.

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Renewed Hope

The backward slide away from equality and mutual respect for women at work, at home, on the streets and in the media made me despair. I have renewed hope in the future for my self, my family and friends and the next generations of young women and men trying to find their places in the world.

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Time for justice.

The moment I heard Sandi announce the formation of the party on April 30th I expressed my (somewhat intemperate) enthusiasm on twitter because sexism cripples society, leaving a culture that's trying to walk on one leg. Discrimination across the world seems to be growing rather than disappearing; inequalities in the UK are a disgraceful waste of potential as well as being unfair and unethical; vicious attacks on feminism abound in both traditional and social media and it's high time for radical change. Half the world is getting a raw deal and if it pisses me off it's undoubtedly worse for those on the shit end of the stick. Pressure groups can only do so much and we've long needed a political party with equality at the heart of all that it does; the crying need for this doesn't end with women's equality but it should surely start with it.

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As a mother of 4 daughters

In a balanced argument u need to hear both sides of the story, although women are beginning to rise to positions of power they have had to become more like men, we need more women who are proud to be women and men that celebrate the difference

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Proud single parent to two feminist grown up sons

Equality needs to start at birth. Inequality implicitly begins when the gender of a child is revealed. It's up to parents to reject the rigid gender constraints placed upon children from the moment they're born.

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