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Watch Party Sessions

Watch Party Sessions

Which WEPstock Sessions will be available to view at the Watch Party?





Intro to WEPstock 

Welcome and thank you for coming from Mandu


Women in the Picture: 

A workshop all about women, art and the power of looking, with author Catherine McCormack.


5x15 - Why Community Matters

Panel of 5 activists and organisers talking about what community, or a lack of it, means to them.




Ways to Win: Elections

5 minute video about the different ways you can win as a campaigner. 


Pass the Mic: Are we ready for fourth wave feminism?

Find out about your visibility, how to be confident in how you identify, and how to use your intersectionality to progress equality.


Pass the Mic: Pro European Pro the World in the 2020s

Briefing on the work of the Round Table of Pro European Groups. 


Pass the Mic: WEP in Wales

Space for all Welsh WEP members to come together and explore how to activate in Wales.


Stop Imposter Syndrome - how to start calling BS on self-doubt

In this interactive workshop we'll explore the experience of Imposter Syndrome. How and why does it affect us? We'll propose a new definition, which supports personal growth and share techniques to stop it hijacking your success.


Meet the Changemakers: Recall

Workshop: Powerful changemakers talk about how they created and ran incredible feminist campaigns




Ways to Win: Campaigns

5 minute video about the different ways you can win as a campaigner.


Pass the Mic: Gaming the System - Feminism through gaming lens

Whether or not you game, find out more about this industry and its fight for equality.


Pass the Mic: Sex, Love and Disability

Panel: How disability has impacted each panel members romantic experiences.


Community for Community's Sake

Storytime: How did you come out as a feminist to your friends and family? Get some tips about talking about feminism with people you know and love.


What's Next? Rebuild, reclaim, resist

Panel: How can communities help women rebuild their lives / make change / help others


Open Mic Night

Explore feminists pass the mic and share their vision for a feminist future.




Ways to Win: Collaborations

5 minute video about the different ways you can win as a campaigner.



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