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Make sure (E)U vote

The Women’s Equality Party will not press members to vote to stay in or to leave.

WE are non-partisan, but that does not mean we will stand back from this debate.

WE acknowledge that, in many respects, gender equality is a European achievement. Membership of the EU helps to protect British women’s working rights including maternity leave and pregnancy protection, equal pay, and the right to recourse in the case of discrimination or harassment.

In the case of Brexit, WE call for urgent measures to retain such vital rights and protections created, and to expand them. WE want to create a constitutional vision for women’s rights in the UK that will enshrine our policy objectives – equal pay, parenting, education, equal opportunity in business and politics, equal treatment in the media and an end to violence against women – in law.

In the case of the UK remaining in the EU, the Women’s Equality Party will call for an expansion to women’s rights and protections. Neither the UK nor the EU are ambitious enough in pushing for gender equality, and we acknowledge that there are limitations to EU policies, for example in the limited protections offered to non-working or part-time, flexibly employed women. 

But WE do want women to vote, to ensure all our voices are heard in this vital decision. 

Stay or leave, make sure you have your say.

Writer Stella Duffy has 13 novels, dozens of short stories and several plays to her name. She is co-director of the Fun Palaces campaign for wider participation in all forms of arts and culture. She wants you to vote on 23 June.

Professor Kate Jenkins is Vice Chair of the LSE Court of Governors and Visiting Professor in the Government Department. And she wants you to vote on 23 June.

Samantha Roddick is a human and environmental rights activist, and the founder of Coco de Mer, a British lingerie brand and retail store. 

Margaret Casely-Hayford was called to the Bar in 1984, joining Dentons in 1987 where she worked for 20 years before becoming Director of Legal Services for the John Lewis Partnership. She is now Chair of the charity Action Aid UK.

Pragna Patel is the founder and Director of Southall Black Sisters Centre, a multi-award-winning women’s organisation founded in 1979 to address the needs of black and minority women experiencing gender violence.



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