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What WE are doing

What WE are doing

It's time to end violence against women

WE have been working towards the ratification of the Istanbul Convention since our earliest days as a party and included the Convention in our first policy document. Since then, WE have worked tirelessly alongside the IC Change campaign and other partners, to call for this legal framework to be ratified.

During our first party conference in November 2016, WE lit the building up orange to remember the 582 women killed in the four years in which the government has failed to ratify the Convention. Inside a red phonebox, conference delegates phoned, emailed and tweeted their MPs to ask that they turn up and vote on 16 December. 

WE celebrated victory when 135 MPs voted in favour of ratification >>

Now for one final push. Our branches are contacting their MPs once again to ensure that they show up and vote on Friday 24 February. 

Our branches have worked with their members to amplify these efforts with scores of members contacting their local MPs within a couple of days, proving very difficult to ignore.

WE continue to work on the wider remit of the Istanbul Convention, acting to prevent violence against women and girls. Our commitment to mandatory Sex and Relationships Education in all schools and our work to strength the laws on revenge porn are just two examples of our recent campaigns.  


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