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Leisa Taylor for Worcester

Leisa Taylor for Worcester

Vote Leisa Taylor on 4 May

Politics is changing. WE can make a difference.

At this year’s county council elections you’ve got the opportunity to do something different – by voting for the Women’s Equality Party.

I’m standing in Rainbow Hill because I’m tired of the same old party politics. I want to work with all parties to put equality first. That means tackling the pay gap that sees Worcester women earn on average 18% less than men, fighting to protect services for children under threat from government and county council cuts and working to protect vulnerable women in all our communities.

WE can achieve all this because WE believe in working with others to get things done - with the support of Worcestershire Women’s Equality Party members who, like me, are passionate about change for the better. Vote for me and get us.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give women a stronger voice in Rainbow Hill.

Get involved: volunteer with the Worcester campaign >>

On 4 May use your vote in Worcestershire County Council elections to vote for Leisa Taylor, Women’s Equality Party.

The Women’s Equality Party will stand up for women in Rainbow Hill.

  • Equal pay for equal work. In Worcester women earn, on average, £100 less than men. We want to see equal pay for women and an equal opportunity to thrive.

  • Equal childcare. WE want to see access to affordable childcare for all parents who want to go back to work before their children start school.

  • Equal Representation. Only a quarter of our county councillors are women. We want to redress that balance and ensure a voice for women in our communities - it’s the only way to achieve better decisions for everyone.

  • Ending violence against women and girls. Violence against women and girls is a stain on our society. We want to build stronger communities by making prevention, justice and support a top priority in our county.

  • Equal education. We want to work with young people and their families to ensure that new laws on compulsory sex and relationships education is relevant and sensitive to their needs.

  • Women and girls are part of the backbone of our communities. A vote for us is a vote for them.



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