Current campaigns

Equal Pay Day - Triple Whammy

It's time for a #TripleWhammy approach to ending the gender pay gap.


Join our important new campaign challenging the fashion industry's approach to body image

What Women Want 2.0

WE stand for every woman, and we start by listening. What do you want?

100 days of May

The Women's Equality Party are setting out six achievable goals for Theresa May to commit to by the end of her 100th day in office. #100daysofMay is an opportunity for the new Prime Minister to show her commitment to gender equality by 22nd October.

e-Quality Campaign

A campaign to protect women's rights online.

#WEcount campaign

A campaign to speak out against sexual violence, harassment and abuse of women.


In our 16 blogs series, WE hear from organisations providing vital support services for women and girls


Who is the Women's Equality Party? #WeAreWE