Our Objectives

Equal Representation

WE can create an equal parliament in just two elections. Without change, we will be waiting at least 50 years - and WE are not prepared to wait that long. In business, the judiciary and politics - women deserve equality.

Equal Pay & Opportunity

WE can make equal pay a reality. For every hour they work, women still earn just 81p of every pound earned by men. Women earn less per hour, less per job and less overall.

Equal Parenting and Caregiving

More and more men want the opportunity to care for and enjoy time with their children or parents - but they find themselves penalised, or sometimes looked at as unmanly, if they choose to stop working or go part-time.

Equal Education

We can use our nurseries and schools as engine rooms for possibility, inspiring young women and men to achieve their full potential, free from gendered expectations about the life they should lead.

Equal Media Treatment

Equality for women requires real cultural change, and the media has to be at the centre of that. It has to change to ensure our girls and boys grow up comfortable in themselves and to make it clear equality is ‘normal’.

End Violence Against Women

Thanks to catcalls in the street, everyday sexism, the chance of being groped or molested on public transport, and domestic violence in the home, millions of women feel unsafe every day of their lives.