Skills and training

Skills and training

Liverpool’s education system is failing its children, channelling girls and boys into different kinds of work, and setting the conditions for a gender pay gap. Women take up 94% of childcare apprentices but just under 4% of engineering apprentices. And women are more likely to be out of work at the end of their apprenticeship.

In sectors where women dominate – and our economy depends on – pay is falling while investment is directed to male dominated industries. The gender blind approach to investment, skills and training doesn’t work. With new devolved powers it is time to change the game.   

WE will use new powers over skills and training to reduce inequalities and to bring equal opportunities for all to learn, to earn and to innovate.

WE will tackle the pay gap at root and stem and deliver an investment strategy that allows all of us to drive our local economy and put Liverpool City Region at the centre of the Northern Powerhouse.

WE will set monitored targets for applications to the Government’s Innovate UK scheme from female entrepreneurs, ensuring more women secure this vital funding.