Equal Media Treatment

Do you find yourself getting angry at things you see in the media? WE do. 

Sometimes it’s adverts telling us to starve ourselves to look acceptable and sometimes it’s women’s sporting victories being ignored on the news. Sometimes it’s the trivialisation of violence against women and sometimes it’s gratuitous sexualisation. And sometimes it’s the trolling, abuse and violence perpetrated on social media that never seems to get taken down.

It’s time to stop getting angry and start taking action. We all know that the picture of women presented in the media is false, so let’s speak out together and change it.  

Equality in the media is essential because it will help us achieve all our goals. If the media showed the equal country WE want – it would show dads caring for children alongside mums. It would show women going into politics without being criticised for their clothing choices. It would show the benefits of strong, consenting relationships. It would show human beauty as it really is, behind the photo editing.

WE will showcase the best – and bring our supporters together to object to the worse with one voice that cannot be ignored.

WE love sport

Lend your voice to our campaign to get more women’s sport on TV and in the papers.

Setting the standard

Let's mobilise to challenge reporting, advertising and other media output that demeans women and perpetuates gender stereotypes.