Equal Parenting and Caregiving

The joys and responsibilities of parenthood are not shared equally in our society. And in later life, care for elderly parents tends to fall to daughters, rather than sons. 

This holds back women in the workplace and is one of the big causes of the gender pay gap. But men lose out, too. More and more men want the opportunity to care for and enjoy time with their children or parents – but they find themselves penalised, or sometimes looked at as unmanly, if they choose to stop working or go part-time.

WE want to see truly shared parenting and caregiving. 

It will help reduce the pay gap and permit more women to take on decision-making positions in business and beyond. It will enable more men to take on the challenge of childcare. And most importantly of all it will mean more children benefit from time with both their parents.

Shared parental leave

Find out about our plans for properly paid, shared parental leave so mums and dads alike can take time off work with a baby.

Stand Up For Dads

Join our campaign to stand up for dads. Help make sure services for parents are open to all, and say no to media stereotypes of hopeless husbands and foolish fathers.