Punishment for good choices? - Dawn Kerlen's suggestion

Punishment for good choices?

Punishment for good choices?

I found my way here through a shared post on Facebook of the latest Huffpost article written by Vanessa Olorenshaw: So well written - a reminder why I'm so despondent with this new government and it's bulldozing way of going through the cuts to 'help' the country but forgetting the injured it's causing along the way. I CHOSE to be a single parent, yes, it was also a situation where I had no choice. Domestic violence vs doing it alone is not a choice. Saving my child is not a choice - it's an absolute, and as pitiful as it makes me feel and sound, I feel like the government is punishing me for that choice and reminding me that I am not valuable and I am invisible as long as I'm doing as I'm told. Going against the grain means this same group will get involved and should I still stay abstinent to its belief - then it will take control. Am I alone in feeling that something I am proud to have survived seems to be creeping it's way into my life in sheep's clothing? Could women really be truly deemed as equals? When the responsibility of the children are strongly weighted as our lot, rather than a privilege, why does it feel like a punishment when we happily step up to the plate? Not to mention the thousands of single mothers, for whatever reason, wearing both hats and baring the responsibility of everything alone phenomenally like juggling magicians, only to have the government rip the rug out from under them because they're seen as failures. 'Not good enough! Work more! Earn less! Shut up and do what you're told!'. Feels more like I've traded one abuser for another. It sounds very dramatic now that I've written it down but really? A number of us in private groups on Facebook are wondering what we can do and who we can write to in order to have our voices heard - so I've come here for some weight. That's my two cents anyway: back in your box Dawn!

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