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At-home medical abortion services

At-home abortion access is revolutionary and hands women back control of their bodies. There is absolutely no justification for rolling back women's right to access telemedicine. Demand the government makes at-home abortion access permanent.

Enough is Enough

I’ve just signed this open letter to tell Sadiq Khan that #EnoughIsEnough and to call on him to make London a place where women can live free from the fear of violence. Add your name.

No Woman Turned Away

Four in five migrant women are being turned away from refuges across the UK because of a stamp in their passport denying access to public funds. WE are calling on Sadiq Khan to guarantee support for abused migrants in London.


Disabled and chronically ill people account for sixty percent of all Covid deaths. The vaccination programme is our single biggest opportunity to change this, and WE are calling on Nadhim Zahawi and Matt Hancock to ensure that it does.

Childcare is on the brink of collapse - Sign our open letter

Share our open letter and leave your signature to help us call on the Government to keep childcare and parents afloat and help stop the spread of the virus by guaranteeing a legal right to shared furlough for all parents and more.

Build Back Equal

Join our campaign to Build Back Equal following the Coronavirus pandemic

Childcare crisis

WE are calling for emergency funding for #childcare. If we don’t act now 1/4 of providers risk closure next year, making it impossible for parents to work & forcing many families into poverty.

Build Back Better: Our vision post lockdown

WE are joining forces with Build Back Better to demand a care-led recovery.

Care Action

Care workers risked their lives for us during the Covid crisis, don't turn your back on them. Now the same MPs who clapped for them are passing an immigration bill that doesn't recognise care work and skilled and could see migrant care workers deported.

Don’t Let The Government Turn Their Back On Care Workers

Care workers have risked their health and in some cases even lost their lives while continuing to do highly skilled and essential work during the Covid-19 crisis. Sign @WEP_UK's petition to demand the government guarantees that vital care workers will be able to migrate to the UK.

Care march

On Saturday I'll be marching for carers and those who rely on care. Both have been utterly failed by the government during the #covid crisis. The govt must guarantee PPE, pay carers a real living wage and urgently invest in social care.

Protect them. Pay them.

Half of care workers don't receive a real living wage. We owe nurses our carers more than just our support. Sign @WEP_UK's petition to demand our Government protects and pays them.

Domestic Violence Protection Order's - Open Letter...

Share our open letter and leave your signature to help us call on the Government to amend Domestic Violence Protection Orders to span the full period of isolation, waive domestic abuse court fees, & provide emergency funding for women's refuge services

Support ALL workers

Sign and share our petition to call on the Government to #supportALLworkers and protect the incomes of self employed people and those on zero hour contracts.

No Woman Turned Away From Refuge

WE are fighting to ensure no woman is turned away from refuge.

Cry for Health

Vaginal mesh is the biggest public health scandal since Thalidomide. Thousands of women have suffered as a result of these devices, which were approved 'on the filmsiest of evidence'. Share our petition and leave your signature to help us fight this injustice

Blood, Sweat & Cheers

WE want to thank nurses by recognising how incredible their work is in the context of just some of the challenges they face in 2019.

Boycott Boycott

Share our petition and leave your signature to help us call on the Government to revoke domestic abuser Geoffrey Boycott’s knighthood immediately.

Save our services

Sign our petition to demand sustainable funding for London refuges and specialist services.


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