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Activist appeal - Poster

A report evidenced Met officers making sickening ‘jokes’ about sexually assaulting colleagues & abusing their partners. WE need an independent inquiry into misogyny in the FULL force. #EnoughIsEnough. Print your poster now.

Phase two: Only Statues Matter

Whilst our government prioritise themselves over the general public, they are also sneaking through policies prioritising statues over women. TOP SECRET ACTION: Sign up for your personal invitation. OnlyStatuesMatter

At-home medical abortion services

At-home abortion access is revolutionary and hands women back control of their bodies. There is absolutely no justification for rolling back women's right to access telemedicine. Demand the government makes at-home abortion access permanent.

91 percent

It has been revealed that even after adjusting for socio-economic background, poor health and housing, Disabled women with higher support needs are still 91% more likely to die from COVID-19. Join our demands for an independent inquiry.

Enough is Enough

I’ve just signed this open letter to tell Sadiq Khan that #EnoughIsEnough and to call on him to make London a place where women can live free from the fear of violence. Add your name.


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