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By standing in elections, WE hold other parties to account for their policies on women's equality. 

We run to prove to other parties that policies on gender equality do win votes and popular support, and to put pressure on them to create and implement more meaningful policies to effect change. In every seat we contested in this general election, gender equality was driven up the agenda and other parties were forced to re-assess, and in some cases improve, their own policies. 

Learn more about our recent and upcoming elections:


European Parliament 2019

WE are standing in the European Parliament elections. We have announced the eight candidates who will be campaigning for seats in the European elections, with the party’s co-founder and president Catherine Mayer at the top of the list. By standing in these elections, the Women’s Equality Party offers a route map not just out of the Brexit stalemate but to a vibrant economy and a thriving society. It was never enough just to aspire to remain. WE aim to advance!

Local Council Elections 2019

WE are standing candidates across England in the 2019 local elections. Only 1 in 3 of England’s local councillors are women. We need your help to make it 1 in 2. Many of our candidates have never stood for election before, but WE are determined to increase equal representation on 2 May.

Greater London Assembly 2020

Meet our London team of candidates.


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