Gender blind to . . .on a mission - Averil Leimon's suggestion

Gender blind to . . .on a mission

Gender blind to . . .on a mission

I have felt like the lone voice crying in the wilderness at times. I worked with women in the 80s and 90s to build their confidence and careers but as my career in leadership grew I was always dealing with the most senior people - always men! Worse still- I didn't notice for a while. So I have researched, written books, worked on developing women and changing organisations, achieving change one woman at a time. But It just is not fast enough. Despite the work of the suffragettes 100 years ago and the feminists of the 70s, in many instances things are getting worse. We have been a bit too accepting and scared of causing a fuss. Women still only make up 29% of parliament so how can our concerns be adequately represented? Men too have so much to gain through widespread equality as the old macho ways do not suit many modern men either.

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