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Sarah Leaf

Branch Leader

I'm a Teacher, Parent Educator and Community Ambassador for Bexley Women's Aid.  I believe it is vital to help children grow into their full potential and develop healthy relationships with themselves and others - this cannot happen until equity, diversity and inclusion is a priority on the political agenda.  


Clair Yates

Data Manager

Having worked in investment banking for 13 years, I left the city partly due to having had enough of the sexist environment.  Living in Sidcup and now working in the community as an accessible yoga teacher and Menopause Fit trainer, I'm a founding member of the Women’s Equality Party.  In the past, I've been an active member of other feminist organisations including Feminism in London, OBJECT and WWAFE.  I'm very excited to be part of the new Bexley Branch of the WEP.


Laura Stanhope

Communications Leader

Teacher and Private Tutor by day.  Passionate about ensuring that there is true equality in Education as that is the foundation for successful futures.  I'm involved in WE because my values are in line with the party's core values.  I was so fed up of watching politics so I wanted to be involved in a party that makes a difference.


Nicola Bannock


25 years in a corporate role, re-energised by supporting a better working culture with diversity and inclusion networks.  It's time for me to take that further. 

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