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Black history month, not diversity month

Black history month, not diversity month

Black History Month is currently in its 31st year. October marks 31 days of celebrating black people’s achievements throughout history, however we have started to see a shift away from the use of Black History into that of Diversity Month.


WE are diverse, inclusive and believe that all cultures should be promoted, celebrated and respected but none at the expense of the other.

The use of diversity in place of Black History Month shifts the focus away from the lives and achievements of black people and on to something broader, risking diluting the importance of black histories as they are.

Too often school curricula focus on colonialism, slavery and Martin Luther King without celebrating the achievements of black British people throughout history.

Black history is an integral part of UK history. Black people have and continue to  help shape and build Britain. Their histories run deep and their stories are significant.

We are currently seeing the mistreatment of thousands of Black UK people resulting from the Windrush Generation Scandal. Their histories, experiences amongst many others are told and amplified through Black History Month when throughout the rest of the year they are sidelined.

WE can not support the loss of something so important to a misplaced inclusivity agenda.

WE will continue to support Black History Month and all of the inspiring black people we continue to learn about and WE urge the councils and organisations that are currently using the term Diversity Month to review this and revert back to using the month of October to celebrate the achievements and contributions of the black community.


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