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Monthly Membership

Monthly Membership

Now’s the time to become part of our collaborative movement for change

There isn’t a country in the world where women are equal  By becoming a member today you’re demonstrating that the time for women’s rights is now.

Take this opportunity to become a core member with our specially-designed membership card and joining pack, and take the fight forward to achieve equality in our lifetime. 


Which price point? You can choose how much, and how often, you pay. The more you can give, the bigger the impact WE can make.

Monthly Membership

£4.40 A MONTH  Become part of our collaborative movement for change and join one of our local branches across the UK.
   £6.60 A MONTH   Support our campaigns to encourage other parties to make women’s equality a priority.
£10 MONTHLY  Help fund our election campaign so WE can win our first seat in the GLA elections in 2020.
PAY MORE   Support more people on lower incomes to engage in our movement.  

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