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Revenge porn is one of the most concerning phenomena in the trend of online abuse against women and girls, and the current law is not working. Will you consider supporting amendments (ref: NC 46/47/61/62) to the Policing and Crime Bill in Monday’s parliamentary debate? Your support will help prevent these terrible crimes, protect victims, increase convictions and act as a deterrent to those who intentionally post, host and refuse to remove revenge pornography online.

Publishing a private sexual image of someone without her or his consent is a crime that ruins lives. Sadly, cases of revenge porn have increased with the growth of the internet. It is now estimated that as many as one in ten ex-partners has threatened to post naked images of their ex online, and 60 per cent of them carry out the threat.

A recent Freedom of Information request by the BBC revealed that children as young as 11 are victims of revenge porn. The same FOI request found that 61 per cent of revenge porn cases - in the year since it was criminalised - resulted in no action being taken. The law is clearly not working.

Amendments NC 46/47/61/62 could change that. They will provide anonymity to the victims to empower them to seek justice, and ensure that victims can be compensated. They also make sure that those who knowingly promote, solicit or profit from revenge porn can be held to account. Together, these changes will ensure perpetrators are brought to justice and victims are protected.

Will you consider adding your voice to the debate on Monday 13 June and supporting this key amendment?

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