General Election 2019 - Women's Equality

Let's end abuse. Let's start with Westminster. - Campaign win!

Let's end abuse. Let's start with Westminster. - Campaign win!

The number of women killed by their partners are increasing. Reporting is increasing but conviction rates for rape and sexual assault are falling. Politicians have failed women time and again when it comes to violence abuse - and is it any wonder when they can’t even tackle violence and abuse in their own backyard. 

In the last two years over 20 politicians have been accused of violence or harassment. Not one of them has been removed from office. 

As long as lawmakers are allowed to act with impunity we cannot hope to create a more equal future or one that is free from violence. So six weeks ago a team of campaigners and survivors of male violence announce that they would be standing as Women’s Equality Party parliamentary candidates - challenging Parliament's culture of impunity at the ballot box. 

Since that announcement four out of the five MPs we targeted have stood down and the Liberal Democrats have announced that they will be adopting our key policies for tackling violence - these are huge successes, and we are continuing to campaign in Bury South, Luton North and Dover to have even more impact during this General Election. 



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