WEmen of the nation unite!!! - Daniella Sposato's suggestion

WEmen of the nation unite!!!

WEmen of the nation unite!!!

I joined WE as a proud feminist, a woman's woman, someone who wants a party spearheaded by the amazing Sophie Walker, to achieve all of the 6 objectives and more!!! I want to live in a world where WEmen make immense strides forward in all aspects of commerce, are equally represented in parliament, respected, judged on their words, ideas and deeds not their looks or relationship status!!! I want to live in a world where being a part of WE means that I am surrounded by proud strong confident and supportive women, who walk the streets day or night, empowered, boldly looking the world in the eye, instead of worrying if what they are wearing will attract unwanted attention and furtively shuffling by!!! I believe that WE must stand together as sisters, the young, old, married, unmarried, mothers and the childless, support encourage and empower one another in every arena of life!!! WE can achieve equal representation, WE must support our branches and connect to work on our political goals together. I want to see The Everyday Sexism Project as a standard text in Women's Studies on every school curriculum as mandatory reading material!!! I want to see the word "spinster" imbued with connotations of independence, financial liberation, and empowerment, where every single woman jumps off the shelf, joins together with others and creates her own colourful living story!!! WE spoke to the heart and mind on every level, and I answered the call with every fibre of my being!!!!

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