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Hackney's First Timer Canvassing

Hackney's First Timer Canvassing

Holla holla! Time to join the Women's Equality Party to win our first councillor seat in Hackney!

If you've never canvassed before, then this session is for you! Join the WEP Hackney branch in a first timer canvassing session.

Meet in Dalston Square at 11:30am and we will train you on how to canvass including:

  • How to read a walk sheet
  • What to say to people when they answer the door
  • How to positively engage with voters

What happens the first time you canvass?

The first time you canvass you will be paired with an experienced canvasser, you won't be expected to speak to anyone on your first time out! Let the experienced canvasser do all the talking and you will observe and learn how to speak to people on the doorstep from the experienced canvasser. Your group will be assigned a street to door knock, where you'll hold the clipboard and tick off who you talk to while the experienced canvasser does all the talking.

Once you are comfortable door knocking you can begin to talk to people on the door step, so there's no pressure and it's really fun to get to know people in the neighbourhood and their concerns and issues.

All the canvassers then meetup afterwards for a drink, coffee or late lunch to share how door knocking went for everyone. It's a lot of fun to share experiences afterwards and rewarding to hear how many doors we knocked on for the day!

Canvassing Frequently Asked Questions

What is canvassing?
Canvassing is when you go door to door speaking to voters on their doorstep about the upcoming election. For some people it can be a scary experience talking to strangers, but once you build confidence in canvassing many people become addicted!

Why is canvassing so important for local elections?
Statistically, speaking to people on the doorstep delivers more votes than any other method in elections.

What if I can only come for 1 hour?
No problem! WE are happy to have help for any period of time you're available.

What if I can only come late?
Call the canvassing captain on 07533935064 when you're on your way to or when you arrive in Dalston. She will tell you where we are at that time. The fortunate thing is that we are only canvassing in Dalston so everything is close together!

If you have any other questions or concerns email us at [email protected]

March 03, 2018 at 11:30am - 2pm
Dalston Square (in front of CLR James Library)
London E8 3BQ
United Kingdom
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Rebecca · · 07533935064

Will you come?


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