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I am excited to announce that I will be standing to contest the Cities of London and Westminster seat against Conservative MP Mark Field for the Women’s Equality Party. As a journalist, campaigner and survivor, I am proud to be a part of a campaign to stand against five MPs who are the subject of unresolved allegations of harassment or assault. 

As a survivor, I am standing to contest Cities of London and Westminster to make it clear that violence can no longer be tolerated.

We have seen self-interested politicians close ranks to protect each other at the expense of the public too many times. Mark Field grabbed a woman by the neck, an incident which was witnessed by hundreds of people and has been watched on film by thousands more. If anyone else did that they would lose their job, and yet he is still sitting as an MP. He should not be immune to justice nor should any of the other four men who have continued to sit as MPs for 20 months following unresolved allegations ranging from harassment to rape. 

Parliament should have held these men to account, but they put party political interest ahead of what was right. I am joining forces with other survivors of male violence to hold them to account at the ballot box.

We need you to help me to do that. 

WE need £60,000 to cover our election costs: to design and print leaflets, for targeted social media ads, billboard campaigns, candidates' 

childcare and campaign stunts.

Every donation, however small or large, helps us campaign against violence. 

If 6,000 people donate £10, or 3,000 people donate £20, WE will have this covered! 

Please give what you can. Thank you!

We cannot sit back and allow Mark Field to go unchallenged over his aggressive actions.


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