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Lee Chalmers

Invest in equality - donate today.

Scottish Parliament candidate for Lothian

I’m Lee, I’m 44 and I live in Edinburgh with my husband. I run a leadership consultancy, volunteer with a not-for-profit organisation, and I’m currently writing a PhD about online trolling. Donate to my campaign fund today and help me share the WE message with the people of Lothian.

I’ve waited a long time for the Women's Equality Party. It’s time gender equality was at the top of the political agenda – no more excuses.

I look forward to working with all the parties in Scotland to put gender equality at the heart of policy making. Working together, we can end violence against women, close the gender pay gap and make Scotland the first gender equal country in the world.

If you want to put women's equality at the heart of Holyrood decision making, then donate to my campaign today.

Your donation delivers our message to the doorstep. The people of Lothian who share our values have the power to deliver them to Holyrood.

Why vote for Women's Equality?

Scotland has a chance to become the first gender equal country in the world. It is vital that women have a fair say in how legislation is made. How we are governed determines how we live our lives every day.

WE is a new and fast-growing political movement. It has set out to change the face of politics.

But we don’t have the financial backing of the establishment parties – after all, women are the poorest people in Scotland, and the least powerful.

My campaign is powered by party members and supporters, not corporate backers. WE need your help.

By donating to my election fund you will help ensure that WE put gender equality at the heart of Holyrood decision making, and keep it there.


Why I need your suppport

An election campaign costs money – for leaflets, publicity, transport and much more.

Your money will help us deliver a direct message to voters in Lothian – as well as to the Scottish people – that women's equality matters.

I want everyone in Lothian to hear and understand what WE can deliver.


What else can you do?

As well as donating, you can also tell your friends about me, share this page on social media, follow me on Twitter (@leechalmers), Instagram (leechalmers_we) and help friends and family join WE.  

You can also volunteer for the campaign by signing up at the bottom of this page, and follow the team here.




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