Lambeth & Southwark GLA constituency candidate election process - Women's Equality

Lambeth & Southwark GLA constituency candidate election process

Lambeth & Southwark GLA constituency candidate election process

Applications to stand as the Greater London Assembly (GLA) Constituency candidate for Lambeth and Southwark are now open.


We have already selected our Mayoral candidate, Professor Sue Black, and amazing London-wide List candidates for the GLA Election in 2020, so now we must select a candidate to represent the Lambeth and Southwark super-constituency.

To apply you need to complete the application form for candidates by Wednesday 29th May 2019 and notify either branch that you are interested in standing.

Contact us at:

[email protected]

[email protected]


Key dates

1 May 2019

Applications open

16 May 2019

Webinar for anyone interested in standing – details to follow soon

29 May 2019

Deadline for completing application form

9 June 2019

Shortlisting interviews – only if more than 5 applications received

12 June 2019

List of potential candidates announced

22 June 2019

Important meeting for all to attend! Hustings, to hear about all the potential candidates, followed by the vote by secret ballot – reminder that only members can vote in our elections - venue TBC

26 June 2019

Announcement of the first ever Lambeth & Southwark Constituency Candidate!


Why should I apply?

This is a truly fantastic opportunity to stand with us and do politics differently. The decisions the Greater London Assembly makes are responsible for key aspects of London life, from transport to policing and the environment. By being part of the Assembly you can make a real difference to women’s lives. The process of putting yourself forward and standing as a candidate is an opportunity to gain invaluable experience in politics, and learn new skills, in what is always a supportive and inclusive environment. It’s a chance to get active, put your voice out there and stand against the two party politics that is currently putting our country and our community in crisis.


How do I find out more?

We’ll be holding a webinar on Thursday 16th May, this is a great opportunity to ask questions from people who have stood as candidates in previous elections and find out more about what the role and the election process.


What should I do now?

If you’d like to become a candidate, take a look at our key dates above and put them in your diary. You will need to complete an application form; this process is overseen by WE Central Office who determine whether you are eligible to stand in an election. Please let us know you are putting yourself forward for the Lambeth and Southwark Constituency Candidate, either when you have submitted your form or when you have heard back from Central Office that you are able to stand.                                                

WE want to do politics differently, to do this we need to represent the diversity of London better. We want to hear from candidates from all backgrounds and we actively encourage women who are BAME, LGBTQ, disabled or from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply. If you’d require additional help or financial support in your candidacy, please let us know and we will help in any way we can.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 29th May, with a Q&A webinar taking place on Thursday 16th May, we can also answer any questions you have by email or arranging a phone call. Depending on the number of applications we receive by 29 May we may hold a shortlist selection day. The final step is to hold a hustings and vote meeting to select our final candidate on Saturday 22nd June. All members at the meeting will be able to vote by secret ballot, we are aware that not everyone will be able to attend this meeting and apologise that at this stage we can’t open voting out more widely, but electronic voting systems are too expensive for our small branch funds.


So what does a London Assembly Member do?

The London Assembly scrutinises the Mayor’s plans and policies on policing, transport, housing, the economy and more. The Mayor is the voice of the capital and is accountable for making the city a better place for all its residents. As the most powerful directly-elected politician in the UK, it’s important they are held to account for how their decisions and policies affect women by Assemby Members, as well as others.

As well as policy scrutiny, Assembly Members must be consulted by the Mayor on strategies.They also act as champions for Londoners by investigating issues that are important to the capital. Issues are investigated and policy is developed by cross-party committees.

Overall, the Assembly can press for changes to national, Mayoral or local policy. Being a London Assembly Member is a full-time, well-paid position. Take a look here to find out more



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