For so many reasons - Kathryn Harrison's suggestion

For so many reasons

For so many reasons

For the Women that are still asked if they plan to have children in interviews, for all the Women on the website pregnant and screwed. For all the managers paid so much less and all those that would have liked to be managers but discrimination prevented it. For the fact that being born with sexual organs comes with an expectation to fulfil a lifetime of unpaid under-appreciated work. For the Women’s ideas that must be repeated in Men’s voices to be heard. For all the girls and boys pushed into boxes that don’t fit and turned from vast horizons to small ones. For the Father's who are thought to be babysitting not parenting. Partners that share equal household work so are 'under the thumb'. For the Women killed each week by their partners and Men hurt in the street by thugs. Because consent is a ‘grey area’. Because if we can’t get true equality here how can we expect it of others. For me as a teenager earnestly discussing whether we would have been better off being born a boy, for the little girl that was called bossy, for the adult woman that struggles with the effect of her menstrual cycle on her life. For everything I’ve missed here. For everyone.

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