Mandu Reid responds to Chuka Umunna's appointment as the Lib Dem candidate for Cities of London and Westminster - Women's Equality

Mandu Reid responds to the Lib Dem selection for Cities of London and Westminster

Mandu Reid responds to the Lib Dem selection for Cities of London and Westminster

"I am disappointed to learn that the Liberal Democrats have selected Chuka Umunna to contest Cities of London and Westminster at the next election. 
"I have been in talks with the Liberal Democrats and other progressive parties across our target seats so that we can work with those parties to stop a no-deal Brexit that will hurt women the most. Our Westminster candidate, Jenn Selby, a formidable campaigner and survivor of sexual violence, has offered to stand down if the Lib Dems and other parties take on our policy red lines to tackle violence against women and that offer is still open. 
"I would like to be proven wrong, but the Lib Dem’s decision to stand in this seat without an alliance, and the candidate they have chosen, suggests that their priority is simply power for power’s sake. Change UK lasted no more than a few months because it had no policy programme and because you cannot hope to tackle the huge crisis facing our country by only working with those who created that crisis.
"In this past week, the point at which we have made progress is when progressive parties have worked together for the good of everyone. Unless that collaboration continues beyond the “stop Boris” agenda, the creativity and courage needed in politics will once again be lost to the pursuit of power for powers sake."
Mandu Reid, interim Leader of the Women's Equality Party

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