Mandu Reid - Speeches

Mandu Reid - Speeches

Mandu Reid - Speeches

Vigil for Sabina Nessa - Mandu Reid

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All of us want to live in a world where every woman and every girl is not only safe, but that are free. Free from the fear. Free from the threat of violence or harassment.

Confex Keynote Speech  - Mandu Reid

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We are deliberately and covertly collaborative. We practice political polyamory, we allow members of our party to be members other parties. We encourage plagiarism, we want others to copy us.

2021 Women's Equality Party WEPstock  - Mandu Reid on Self ID

Emily Wilding Davison - Mandu Reid

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'It is profoundly significant that we have come together today to honour Emily and the revolutionary spirit that she embodied. Time has distanced us from the brutality faced by the women who led the campaign for equality over 100 years ago. The horrific treatment of the suffragettes included imprisonment and forced feeding. This was a movement where women placed their own bodies on the line and pushed back on notions of felinity being equivalent to weakness and meekness.'

2020 Women's Equality Party Conference - Mandu Reid



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