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Policy Committee Elections

Policy Committee Elections

Policy Committee elections

The Steering Committee gives notice that it will hold an election for the Policy Committee of the Women’s Equality Party.

Do you care passionately about one of our core policy areas? Are you in Scotland or Wales and want to grow our presence and movement in those nations?

Do you love talking about our Party and policies and meeting other people who want the same things as us? 

Put yourself forward for election to the Policy Committee to put your passion into action and work with our newly elected Party Leader and the central office team to drive the change you want to see. 

You must be a member of the Party to hold a policy committee position, and cannot hold another position on the committee (though incumbents can run for a second term).  

Vacant Policy Committee positions

  1. Equal Representation spokesperson
  2. Equal Pay and Opportunity Spokesperson
  3. Equal Pay and Opportunity Movement Builder
  4. Equal Parenting and Caregiving Spokesperson
  5. Equal Parenting and Caregiving Movement Builder
  6. Equality in the Media Spokesperson
  7. Equal Education Spokesperson
  8. Ending Violence Against Women and Girls Spokesperson
  9. Ending Violence Against Women and Girls Movement Builder
  10. Equality in Scotland Spokesperson
  11. Equality in Wales Spokesperson
  12. Equality in Wales Movement Builder

What does a spokesperson do?

Working with the Party Leader and central staff, as well the movement builder in their area, spokespeople spread our Party’s policies and aims as far and wide as possible through media engagement, events, branches and networks. They take a lead on the policy area they represent, always looking for opportunities for engagement and keeping abreast of political and sector developments in their area. 

What does a movement builder do?

Working with the Party Leader and central staff, as well as the spokesperson in their policy area, movement builders focus on developing the relationships and networks with individuals and organisations working in their policy area, to build support and momentum for our work. From small grassroots organisations to national bodies, and including our branches and members with an interest in the policy area, this role is to connect and inspire people with our policies and related campaigns. 

How do individual members work together as a committee?

As a collective, the policy committee supports the Leader of the Party’s strategic vision by providing advice and guidance on their policy area or nation. 

The committee also ensures that new policy proposals are coherent and consistent with our aims and objectives. It monitors developments in each policy area and the nations of the UK and challenges other parties to improve their own policies in these areas. Committee members works with central office staff and the Leader on related campaigns and new developments. 

The policy committee can use its knowledge and understanding to collectively prepare policy proposals for Party Conference. It also helps prepare manifestos for elections contested by the Party, and is responsible for approving all Party manifestos. 

For more on the specific responsibilities see 7.6.1 - 7.6.9 of our constitution

How do I put myself forward?

Send us a short statement, and video making your case for why members should vote for you, taking into account the requirements of the role. 

You might want to refer to your personal connection to and passion for women’s equality and the policy area you’re interested in; experience of public speaking, building relationships to effect change, monitoring policy developments, contributing to manifestos, an understanding of the policy area, providing briefings or supporting campaigns, for example. 


1. A photo to be published on the UK Engage website:

  • Candidates should have their head and shoulders in view
  • The background of the photo must be plain but can be an office or room
  • Any text, logos or other persons are not permitted to appear in the photo

2. A film for publication on the Women’s Equality Party Youtube site with a link from the UK Engage website: 

  • Maximum 2 minutes (anything that exceeds this will not be posted)
  • File type: .mov or .mp4 (other file types will not be posted) 
  • Format: Recommended to film in landscape, against a plain background

3. A short statement to be published on the UK Engage website: 

  • Length: Maximum 200 words. 
  • Style: Written in first person (anything written in third person will not be posted) 

4. Your social  media handles  (if you wish to use these to support your campaign)

Send them to returning.officer@womensequality.org.uk

The Returning Officer(s) will make sure your submissions meet the specified requirements. They will confirm receipt of your submission. 

The deadline for submitting the film and statement is 23:59 Friday 16 August

Selected candidates’ films and statements will be live from the 2 September

What is the process for election?

All members will have the opportunity to vote electronically for one candidate between 02 September and 30 September. The successful candidate will be elected by a simple majority.             

The photos, videos and statements of all candidates who put themselves forward (and confirm they are willing to sign and abide by the code of conduct) will be made available to members on the 02 September. 

What are the requirements of policy committee members?

All members

  • Party membership
  • Believe in and abide by the Party’s mission and objectives
  • Become experts in your policy area and WE policies, or WE policies as applied to your nation
  • Attend quarterly Committee meetings
  • Monitor developments in your policy area or nation
  • Prepare manifestos for elections
  • Prepare policy proposals for Party Conference
  • Ensure the consistency of policy proposals submitted by others 
  • Keep abreast of and support external consultation responses, enquiries and WE campaigns
  • Oversee actions and motions arising from Party Conference that are directed to the Policy Committee. 
  • Report back to Party Conference


  • Identify, respond to and contribute to speaker requests, media briefings and press request on an ad hoc basis (in accordance with your availability)
  • Take part in and help prepare for regular events and debates

Movement builders

  • Meet with stakeholders, partner organisations, branches, members and grassroots activists to build a diverse movement
  • Support media briefings for speakers 

Please read the constitution for the constitutional requirements of policy committee members (see section 7.6), and make sure you are content to sign and abide by the code of conduct and our WE code.

If you are putting yourself forward as a candidate, or you are an officer of the Party, please read the full Procedures and Guidance below.


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