Sanctuary for all those fleeing abuse - Women's Equality 2015

Sanctuary for all those fleeing abuse

Sanctuary for all those fleeing abuse

Two women are killed every week by a partner or former partner. These deaths have to stop.  

Fleeing an abusive partner can be the most dangerous time for a victim of domestic violence and her family. But refuges and housing services for domestic violence victims are being cut back. One in three victims is turned away from a refuge for lack of space, and women from black and minority ethnic communities do not have adequate access to specialist support services.

WE believe in the absolute right to a place of sanctuary for women, children and other victims of domestic abuse. It shouldn’t matter whether money is tight in government or not: these services save lives. 

WE will create a support fund for victims of domestic violence – including legal aid, refuge spaces, supported housing, advice and support, paid for by reversing the unfair tax breaks for married couples that discriminate against single parents and unmarried couples. 

And WE will protect women even if their immigration status is dependent on their husband – no-one should be trapped in a violent relationship by their visa. 

It’s time to stop the violence: join our campaign to keep open the refuges and support services that save women’s lives every day.


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