Sally Smith for Swansea City Council - Women's Equality

Sally Smith for Uplands

Sally Smith for Uplands

Vote Sally Smith on 4 May

You have four votes in Uplands. Please give one to Equality.

Sally Smith will put equality first, every time.

SallyStreet.jpeg"Uplands is a wonderful, vibrant community. I will help it thrive, supporting local businesses and giving women the same opportunities as men to earn a fair living.

I will keep Uplands affordable for all families, investing in our community and keeping it diverse and welcoming.

I will make sure all parents have access to affordable childcare, and will fight for equal parenting, equal pay and flexible working.

I care more about good ideas than party politics, and will work collaboratively to get the best deal for everyone in Uplands.

A bit more about me: I have a masters in Gender and International Relations run a successful business from Uplands and live with two small boys and their father. When I’m not at my desk I’m on the beach, in the park or on my mountain bike."


Valuing care

WE need someone who will make sure that childcare works for parents and the wider economy, not just for schools. Labour talks about childcare provision, but created a system that does not work for working parents in Swansea. Parents have to pay private providers to shuttle children between “free” hours and the necessary paid wrap around care. This negates any benefits. Childcare has to work for parents, this will have major benefits the economy. Money spent on childcare gives a better return than on infrastructure.

WE need someone who sees the unpaid work carried out everyday by parents and carers and understands the ways in which this benefits the local economy. For too long there have been cuts disproportionally effecting women, while job creation has disproportionally benefited men. Someone needs to stand up for women.


Work, skills & training

WE need to hold Swansea Council to account to make sure that promises of job creation doesn’t just mean the male dominated industries. We need to create secure jobs for women as well.

Who will ensure that new apprenticeships are funded equally for young women, not just for our young men? We need to push our schools into understanding gender equality; so young girls and boys can explore careers beyond pink & blue.


Ending violence against women & girls

WE need to end all forms of violence against women and girls, working with women’s organisations and putting prevention, protection, provision, and justice at the heart of all our policies.

WE will tackle the funding crisis for specialist services and ensure no woman is ever turned away from life saving services.

WE will ensure all local decision-makers receive adequate training about the gendered nature of violence against women and girls so that they understand the importance of specialist services that are for and led by women, including disabled women and BME women.


Transport for all

Women are more likely than men to use public transport, less likely to travel long distances for work and more likely to cycle if the cycling infrastructure is safe. Transport investment needs to deliver access and greater opportunities for all of us.

Swansea Council needs to look for ways to provide better transport for people with hidden disabilities. WE will combat street harassment so that women can travel freely around the city.


Get involved: volunteer with the South Wales campaign and join a canvass


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