Take on the trolls - Women's Equality 2015

Take on the trolls

Take on the trolls

Social media have enabled people to connect and communicate throughout the world in an unprecedented way. 

These new methods of communication are thrilling to be part of. But, some platforms have permitted an atmosphere to develop where abuse, trolling, revenge porn and threatening behaviour are tolerated - as if rape threats and personal abuse are just part of the furniture.

Read the guidelines on most social media sites and they sound fine. They don’t tolerate bad behaviour. But they’re simply not enforced, and they won’t be unless we get systematic about speaking out. 

WE will campaign to make sure social media platforms set tougher rules and take whatever steps are necessary to enforce their rules. Don't be the one who watches abuse happen and assumes someone else will complain. Join WE's campaign to say no to abuse with a single voice.

Donate to back WE against the trolls.


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