WE announce our Leader - Women's Equality

WE announce our Leader

WE announce our Leader

Journalist and campaigner Sophie Walker chosen to lead the party.

key_leader.jpgToday WE announced our leader: Sophie Walker. Sophie was chosen unanimously by the Steering Committee of the party's founders to lead the party through its formation phase ahead of a leadership election by the members next year.

Sophie is a journalist, blogger, marathon runner and autism campaigner. “A lifetime of experiences made me want to do this’, she says. “I realised the other day that I’m having exactly the same conversations with my friends that my mother was having with her friends in the Seventies. I look at my daughters (age 13 and 6) and think I really don’t want them to be the third generation having those conversations."

You can read her own account of why she's so determined to change the country by leading WE on her own blog Grace under Pressure.

Many media outlets also covered the announcement of our new leader, including The Telegraph: Read the full piece here

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