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WE join the dots

WE join the dots

The Women's Equality Party is leading the campaign for a joined-up approach to tackling the crime of stalking. 

WE are calling for:

1. Ring-fenced funding for stalking support services, as well as funding for specialist support services for violence perpetrated against women. From harassment to rape and domestic violence, rates of male violence against women and girls are on the rise. WE will ring-fence sufficient and sustainable funding for specialist support services that are for and led by women. This calls for a holistic, inclusive funding approach that actively supports smaller organisations with specialist expertise, and also enables agencies such as Women’s Aid and Rape Crisis to provide services to all women.

2. Investment in specialist-led training of criminal justice professionals. WE want to see improved understanding and management of stalking cases, to reduce risk and improve conviction and sentencing. WE are calling for all criminal justice professionals to be trained by specialists.

3. Perpetrator programmes and treatment. WE urgently call for court-mandated assessment and treatment for stalkers, both before and after sentencing. This should be delivered by specialist psychiatrists and psychologists who have been trained in stalker behaviour.

4. Register for serial stalkers: There is a clear need to register, track, manage and supervise serial stalkers, just as sex offenders are proactively identified and managed. Serial stalkers should be included on the Violent and Sexual Offenders Register (VISOR) and managed via the Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA).

To find out more or seek support, visit the National Stalking Helpline or Paladin, the national stalking advocacy service

To support our campaign, join the Women's Equality Party today and help us put this to the top of the political agenda.

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