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We must reject the politics of division

We must reject the politics of division

6 October 2016

We must come together and reject the politics of division

Statement from Sophie Walker, Leader of the Women’s Equality Party

This week we have watched with dismay our new Prime Minister lay out a vision for a country driven by division. The Women’s Equality Party was founded to represent the women left behind by successive UK governments, and this weekend Theresa May laid out policies that will add yet another layer of discrimination and disenfranchisement.

Our country is facing a political crisis, but this is not an excuse to turn away from one another. This government’s rhetoric on immigration serves one purpose: to accentuate differences within our communities. But we know that women can only lose out under a government that pits people against their neighbours. We know that when people are shunned because of difference, women experience a double prejudice.

The Women’s Equality Party are calling for a different approach. And we’re starting by listening. This week, while the Home Secretary called for businesses to list foreign employees and for landlords to act as immigration enforcement, we’ve been speaking to thousands of women across UK and asking them the simple question: what do you want? The results we’ve heard have offered suggestions for an immigration system based on justice and equality; a workplace culture based on opportunities for all; a thriving society that celebrates diversity. The voices of women that we have heard have been insightful, moving, and heartbreaking. And they have again proven that we have more in common than that which sets us apart.

WE strive to represent everyone who seeks equality. As May’s government inflames tensions within our communities and fuels racism on our streets, we are reaching out and building a more inclusive politics. Join us.


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