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Criteria, Resources & Benefits

Criteria, Resources & Benefits

Criteria for recognition

  • Advocacy Groups must represent a religion or belief that is legally protected, or should be because it is consistent with the Equality Act (2010) definition. Alternatively, they may organise around any single aspect of any of the other protected characteristics.
  • Advocacy Groups must be formed of at least five people (reviewed annually) who are both members of the group and members of the Women’s Equality Party.
  • Agree to support the party’s seven core goals and abide by the constitution.
  • Agree not to speak, or claim to speak, on behalf of the party and refrain from using party branding.

Resources and benefits

  • Inclusion on a dedicated webpage listing all recognised advocacy groups within the party, including a way for the group to be contacted.
  • The opportunity to present to a specifically arranged annual joint meeting of the Steering and Policy Committees subject to further guidance and specifications.
  • Advocacy groups will be able to submit amendments to motions at conference.
  • The right to organise a session at party conference, either in the main conference or as a fringe event, in agreement with the agenda committee.
  • Central party, other party officers and party committees may consult recognised advocacy groups on statements, policies, public consultations, campaign and media strategies.

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