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My role as delegate

My role as delegate

Conference is where you shape the
future of your party. 

The three day event is the largest gathering of our
members, officers, committees, leader and founders
at any one time. 

As well as workshops and talks, conference is also
about important party business which shapes our direction.

To ensure you are able to make the most of your role as delegate,
we've broken down each element of party business that will take place at conference.

Conference is the supreme governing body of the party,
it is responsible for policy-making and decision-making.
This is where any changes or additions to the party’s constitution
happen, and where we debate and choose party policies. 

For the rules that govern proceedings of our
party conferences, see the
Standing Orders. 


As a member, you have the opportunity to propose a motion
with your branch or with the support of nineteen other members. 
Once motions are posted, all members will then be given
the chance to submit amendments. 

Whether or not you submit a motion, you will
can part in the process at conference through
debating the motion and voting.
For this reason, delegates should read through
motions in advance of conference.



WE are looking for passionate and committed WEP members to help 
grow our movement by helping to steer the Party through its next phase
of development and increasing our influence in our seven core policy areas.
Any member can put themselves forward for a position.

During the weekend, you will cast your votes 
for the new members of the Steering and Policy Committees.
These roles are key to the party's success - as a delegate it is
vital that you understand the remit of these roles and
read up on the candidates before you vote.

Applications will be opening in late June and
candidates will be announced on the week commencing 20th August.



Motion debates are used to discuss the motions
proposed by members. All motions to be debated
will be announced in advance of conference.

Even if you have not proposed a motion, take an active
role by debating the motion and using your vote to decide
whether it is adopted. 

On top of party business, conference also offers workshops and training,
plus you'll have the chance to meet other WE members
and supporters from all across the UK. The full programme 
will be announced over the coming months. 


Can't find what you're looking for? Read through our Delegate FAQs >> 


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